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Why men are lagging behind in insurance

Numerous studies show that women are generally less likely to have life insurance than men. However, among Gen Y and Z, fewer men are signing up for health insurance. Find out what they’re spending on instead.

Health and happiness go hand in hand. What makes men happy? Satisfaction at work, relationships with family and friends, successfully taking on difficult challenges, and the simple things in everyday life too.

Men love being on top of their game, and as risk-takers they should be putting their health first to be able to enjoy what gives them joy, right? Yet a 2015 study found that “a higher proportion of men than women do not have health insurance,” especially among those in their late 20s and early 30s.

It makes good sense that to live life to the fullest at any age, men get health protection too. But here are the things that most men in general spend on before getting a health insurance plan.


1. A car

Men love cars, no question about it. In fact, a UK study found that “only men get a measurable self-esteem boost from car ownership—and that boost gets bigger as the value of the car in question goes up.” Another report suggests that car ownership for men is a way of asserting their masculinity and that buying their first car is one of the most important “manly milestones” among young men.


2. Property/housing

Easily one of the most important and expensive investments people make in life is real estate as values tend to increase over time.


3. Food and alcohol

Pre-pandemic, a survey found that millennials in the US spent the most dining out. The same survey also found that men “were more likely to eat out every day than women (10% versus 2%).” Food is, after all, never a bad thing to spend money on. Another study reports that men spend twice as much as women when it comes to alcohol.


4. Outer appearance

Investing in your physical appearance is worth it—it boosts your confidence at work and in your personal life. It can also motivate you to work toward your physical and social wellbeing. “Workplace appearance is important because your wardrobe gives others an impression of your professionalism,” so goes a piece of career advice.


5. Entertainment

Guilty pleasures to make us happy. Millennial men spend most on audio and visual equipment and services, according to a survey.

Why men should men get health insurance

While no one plans to get sick, even men that enjoy physical wellbeing today need health care at some point. Health insurance is a necessary investment and protection, especially one that takes care of you before anything happens up to after everything happens. Getting a health plan soon will not only protect you but also help you enjoy the things you’ve built and achieved in your best health.

FWD Life Insurance’s Vibrant Critical Illness Plan, like the name suggests, lets one stay happy, healthy, and vibrant—and gives one the peace of mind that’s essential in our health and wellbeing. Its unique features and benefits help you take better care of your health from screening to treatment to recovery as the plan includes Health Screening Benefit, up to 6x Claims for Major Critical Illness Benefit, Health Supplement Benefit, Minor Critical Illness Benefit, Waiver of Premium, Maturity Benefit or Death benefit, and coverage up to age 100.

It’s never too late to set aside a budget for this complete health plan. Schedule a virtual meeting with an FWD financial advisor today and discover how you can protect your health so you can enjoy your passions and live life to the fullest.