Hospitalization claims

It’s always a good idea to first check that your policy covers the claim.

At FWD, you can do this by calling our Customer Connect team on +632 8888 8388, via email or visiting one of our business hubs

Main requirements:

  1. Completely accomplished, dated and signed Claimant’s Statement Form
  2. Completely accomplished, dated and signed Attending Physician’s Statement form
  3. Certified True Copy of Complete medical/hospital records as defined in the Contract, including Admitting History Record, Clinical Abstract, Diagnostic Tests, Results of Operation and Discharge Summary Record
  4. Certified True Copy of Statement of Account
  5. Copy of Insured’s government ID with date of birth, photo and signature
  6. Proof of Bank Account (Please submit a copy of any of the following. Make sure your full name and account number are visible:
    1. Statement of account
    2. ATM card
    3. Validated deposit slip
    4. Passbook
    5. Screenshot of your online bank account)

If confinement is due to accident/injury:

  1. Certified True Copy of Police Report or Police Traffic Incident Report, if any.
  2. Certified True Copy of Driver’s License if accident happened while the insured is driving.
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Via Omne
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