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    First, we’re sorry for your loss. If you need any help or support in your claim, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Our loss of life claims page is here. It should answer all your questions and let you know what to do next. Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, you can always give us a call.

    Ordinarily, the primary beneficiary would make the claim. However, if the insured has no primary beneficiary, it would default to another person. Here’s the order of eligibility:

    1. Designated living beneficiary
      1. Primary beneficiary – this is the main recipient of the life insurance benefit at time that the insured person lost their life
      2. Contingent beneficiary – this would be next in line to receive the life insurance benefit if no primary beneficiary or beneficiaries are alive 
    2. Owner – this person (or people) would receive the life insurance benefit if no designated beneficiaries are alive
    3. Substitute beneficiaries – These people or person would be next in line – in the following order of priority:
      1. Legal spouse
      2. Legitimate child/children
      3. Illegitimate child/children
      4. Parent/s
      5. Brother(s) and / or sister(s) of the half-blood
    4. Legal owners of the insured person’s estate

    Where stated, we do need these, yes.

    But to get your claim moving quickly, you can email a soft copy of your claim documents over to That way, we can start the process of assessing your claim. A soft copy could be a scan or a photo that you upload or send over electronically.

    Remember, you can also submit hard copy documents to any FWD business hub or through your financial advisor or financial solutions consultant.

    If they’re the named beneficiary then yes. But they must be represented by a legal guardian or appointed trustee who must fill out and submit the required forms.

    We request that all claims (including loss of life) are made within 90 days. One of our dedicated claims ambassadors will then get in touch with you to confirm that we’ve received your claim and advise on next steps.

    In case you’re not able to submit within the 90-day period, don’t worry! We will not invalidate nor reduce the claim if we find that it’s not practical to submit the requirements within the allowable time.

    Yes, no problem.

    However all documents coming from abroad will need the Philippine Consular Office’s authentication. You’ll need to bring your claim documents to the Philippine Consular Office to get them authenticated. This may involve making an appointment so do check in advance before turning up. A simple online search will tell you where your nearest Philippine Consular Office is. If not, feel free to get in touch with our team and we’ll find out on your behalf.

    Once your paperwork is authenticated, please mail your claim application to the FWD Head Office:

    FWD Customer Connect Center
    19/F W Fifth Avenue Building,
    5th Avenue corner 32nd Street,
    Bonifacio Global City,
    Taguig City 1634
    The Philippines

    Yes. Please provide a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) document with your claim. This needs to include valid IDs for both of you.

    Yes, no problem. Please ensure you choose this option in your claim application. If not, and if you have an advisor (agent), we’ll send the check to them.

    You may now also opt to avail of our credit to account payment option for a hassle-free claim experience.

    We are here to help. You can simply call us on +632 8888 8388 or email

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