Health and Wellbeing

Live the joy of total wellbeing now

What is wellbeing? With all the buzz around it, do we even understand what it means or what it entails? Is having a daily exercise routine enough? Or do we need to do more? Exactly how do we achieve wellbeing?

By Samantha Z. Beltran

Whether it’s the sudden reminder of our own mortality or the realization that crisis can strike anytime, we now put a premium on the quality of life that we lead. We recognize that life is too short to just waste it on negativity and stress. Our wellbeing comes first.


Not just physical

Most often though, we equate “wellbeing” or “wellness” to exercise, nutrition, health. In fact, the 2017 study "Dimensions of wellness: Change your habits, change your life" found out that most people assume wellness only refers to the physical aspect—nutrition, exercise, weight management,  among others.

You’re now regularly exercising. You’re now on a healthy diet. You’re in your best shape ever. Good for you! But is it all there is to wellbeing? Have you already done enough?

Physical wellbeing is just one aspect. There are others—emotional/mental, financial, and social.


Your thoughts and emotions matter

To achieve total wellbeing, you need to be able to free your mind from negativities and fill it with positive, fulfilling, and empowering thoughts. You need to achieve that inner peace, where you are comfortable with who you are, know what you are capable of, and are made stronger—not weaker—by anything that comes your way. It’s about being happy “just because” and not "because of”.


Importance of financial security

And then there’s financial wellbeing. You can never live your life stress-free if you’re still at a loss on how to provide for your family’s future or worried over whether all you’ve worked for would just go down the drain. Achieving financial independence and financial stability allows you to live fully with no hesitations because you know, whatever happens, you’d be okay.

But while financial stability is not something you can get in a year or two or even a decade; you can look to investments, healthcare plans, and insurance to ensure that you’re protected from the unexpected while you build that financial foundation.


The value of connections

Also often discounted is the importance of social wellbeing. There is no time in history where we saw just how everyone is connected than now, during the pandemic. The world collectively realized that yes, no man is, indeed, an island. One person’s decision and action can just as easily affect another. Our relationships, not just to those close to us but to the community, to the environment, and to the wider world in general, have impacts that we are just now seeing. And if we want to live a better life and see a better future, it’s no longer every man for himself. It should be every man for everyone. 


Achieving total wellbeing

These four components of wellbeing—physical, mental and emotional, financial, and social—are interrelated. Develop one and you improve the rest. Scrimp on another and see the others worsen. Abuse your body/health and put at risk your financial security with potential medical expenses. Mismanage your finances and constantly suffer from worries and fears. Make a mess of your relationships and feel its effect on your body. Each one is crucial to giving us that joie de vivre, that complete joy that only total wellbeing can give.


We, at FWD, strive to get you closer to that goal, helping you take control of your physical, mental and emotional, social, of course, financial life. To be able to live the joy of wellbeing is to ensure that all aspects of our lives are taken care of. It’s not gonna be easy and it’s not even something you can already achieve in an instant but we’re here for you. Total wellbeing is possible. So, start now. Make that commitment. We got your back!

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