Money and insurance

4 things you should never scrimp on

While saving is important, there are instances when you shouldn’t scrimp because it just isn’t worth your financial wellbeing and physical wellbeing in the long run.

Articles online on how to save money are numerous, but it’s important to note that there are certain things you should just not economize on—especially when it comes to your physical wellbeing. Focusing on just saving money at the expense of everything else will not work. Step back and look at your financial wellbeing carefully and weigh the costs that could impact your physical wellbeing in the future. Here are some things you shouldn’t feel guilty about spending more money on.

1. Good food

You can easily wreck your budget with fast food and the like, so this should be clarified as food that’s good for your health. Your body performs based on what you feed it, so give it the best fuel you can afford. Of course, complement healthy food with proper exercise.

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2. Skincare

This includes sunscreen and any other skincare products that make you look good and feel good. Aside from ensuring that we stay in tip-top shape through regular exercise, we must also nurture our overall wellbeing with habits that nurture self-love. Beyond youthful beauty, good skin ensures that you are protected from illnesses like skin cancer.

3. Bed

According to studies, we spend roughly 1/3 of our lives sleeping, and it’s an important aspect of our physical wellbeing as we need it to function properly. Invest in a good mattress with great support and pillows as these have a direct impact on the quality of rest you get.

4. Insurance

Insurance is good for your peace of mind and mental wellbeing and is a great use of your savings. Life and health coverage ensures that you’re financially protected from risks like medical emergencies. Your loved ones are protected too in case something happens to you.


Prioritize your well-being

Scrimp on other stuff but never on what your mind and body truly need for total wellbeing. FWD Life Insurance’s Set for Health Critical Illness Insurance, a critical illness protection plan, protects you and your loved ones from hefty financial trouble and medical expenses. You can claim up to 3x for unrelated major critical illnesses and get back 100% of your premiums paid if you never do. Plus, if you pass away before age 75, your family gets 100% of the Benefit Amount. Most people delay getting insurance, but the best time avail of one is now.