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5 maximizing life hacks you should know

From online shopping to digital banking, make your life easier with these maximizing hacks.

The internet is indeed so wide that it has a wealth of knowledge and tools you can use to make your life easier and better. We can collaborate with people across the world at work, we can start businesses or study and work from home, we can engage with people who share our passions, and look for jobs and companies that fit our skills.

The internet does more than these things. They can also teach us skills for our financial wellbeing. Learn these 5 amazing life hacks and use them to your benefit.

1. Use cash back apps for shopping perks.

If you’re an avid online shopper, you’ve probably developed your own strategy for getting more bang for your buck. Now, you can gain even more rewards when you spend online by using cash back apps or credit cards. With cash back, you literally get “cash back,” which is a percentage of the paid amount of the purchase. According to Money Smart, some of the best cashback credit cards are issued by Citi, Security Bank, UnionBank, East West, and China Bank.

2. Shop according to season.

Seasoned shoppers know that deals are everything. When it comes to electronics, wait for the quarterly sale to score better valued items. In addition, you can switch to online shopping for your groceries. It’s been reported that customers spend more wisely when grocery shopping online as they buy only what they need and avoid the temptation of aisle shopping. Thanks to digital innovation and integration, paying for these is made easier and more secure, too. Use your debit card to better track your expenses.

Speaking of shopping, also check out FWD Life Insurance’s online shop for easy to purchase plans such as The One, which offers insurance coverage you can personalize for whatever phase in life you’re in, whether you’re Gen Z or 70. That’s one shopping purchase you will never regret.

3. Choose digital banks that offer better interest rates.

The centavos add up especially when your bank charges you for every transaction. While it’s important that you have your primary accounts set in trusted institutions, you can save on transaction fees with smaller—yet equally reputable—digital banks that do not charge hefty fees for these transfers. Some of them offer impressive interest rates for your savings accounts—up to 4% per annum—for first-time clients.

4. Choose credit cards with perks.

Credit card interest can definitely set you back if you’re not careful. But these are tools you can use to your benefit. When used wisely, they are convenient to have. To avoid falling into debt, try negotiating with your credit card company for a reduced rate or a more flexible payoff plan. You can also transfer your balance to a lower-interest credit card. Choose a card that gives the most rewards and perks for every transaction. Shop, save, and maximize smartly—that’s a life hack advice we should all heed.

5. Buy life insurance with investment component.

Get more out of your life insurance plan like FWD’s All Set/All Set Higher. This investment-linked insurance provides lifetime insurance protection and investment benefits. This means that not only are you protecting your loved ones’ future in case the worst happens to you, you’re also potentially building your wealth (you can choose dollar currency too), thanks to expert fund managers investing your money for you. To know more about All Set/All Set Higher, set an appointment with an FWD financial advisor.