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Survive living solo with these life hacks

Living alone can be great but not always easy. If you’re living solo but can’t seem to get your act together, check out these life hacks to make it easier and enjoyable.

By Redi Mendoza

When you learn to live independently, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your adult life. Moving out and living on your own won’t only make you self-reliant, it will also teach you about yourself and your life priorities.

Here are some tips and tricks to survive this #adulting move.

1. Cleaning tools are your new BFFs.

The first thing you’ll learn after you move out is that the house doesn’t clean itself. If you were not used to doing it before, you need to start somewhere. That’s adulting. First order of business: Have the right cleaning supplies and tools. Make sure you have a mop, broom, paper towels, trash bags, sponges, scrubs, and cleaning agents. They’ll make cleaning up easy and effortless. We’re not fans of housework either, but there’s always that feeling of satisfaction coming home to a place that’s clean and tidy.


2. Prepare food ahead of time.

Cooking for one can be time consuming. What you can do is prepare your meals ahead of time and just put them in the ref. For instance, you can cook several pieces of grilled chicken and just use different kinds of veggies and sauces with it. You can also prepare tuna salad and use it as sandwich spread for breakfast and dip for movie night snacks. Cook pasta and put it in small, resealable bags in the freezer and have several bottled sauces like pesto or ragu in your pantry. It’s faster and healthier than instant noodles.

Also, take advantage of having your own kitchen! Eat healthy, find natural remedies in your refrigerator for, say, the common cold. The point is, your home is yours and you can do so much positive things in your life now that you’re adulting.   

3. Get multi-purpose furniture.

Your new home will not likely be as roomy as your family home. But there are ways to make small spaces work. Buy pieces that are virtually like a Swiss army knife that you can unfold when you need it and tuck away when you don’t. If you have a studio apartment, get a sofa bed to save on space. Just make sure it has sufficient back support for your nightly slumber.

4. Design for living.

Adulting means you’re not afraid to make your solo space an extension of your personality. Express yourself with your furnishings and interiors. But keep in mind that design should supplement your lifestyle and not alter it. For example, if you don’t like inviting people over, don’t buy those cute ottomans that will just clutter up your space. Function first before form! For those working from home, make sure there is still a boundary between your rest area and home office space. Consider, too, the background when doing video calls.


5. Set a budget and stick to it.

Lastly and most importantly in your journey to adulting: set a budget, so you don’t live from paycheck to paycheck. Now that you’re living on your own, you’re responsible for all household expenses—electricity, water, cable, internet, food, grocery, house payments, repairs, etc. Spend on necessities, set aside for emergency, save up for the future, allot for little luxuries, and consider investing on insurance.

Better yet, find something you can do on the side. Perhaps a small business you can start from home? Because the reality of adulting is that you have to look at the future too. So, start early with investments, no matter how small, and take care of yourself by getting a health insurance. FWD Life Insurance has various products that suit your needs and stage in life. Visit our online shop and check out Set for Health and KanMend—these health insurance plans take care of your wellbeing and protect you from 42 major critical illnesses so you can celebrate adulting with fewer worries in mind.

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