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The Top YouTube channels to follow for your glow-up

Want to get to a healthy weight? Adopt better eating habits? A little inspiration goes a long way. Here are a few YouTubers to inspire you to get started on your wellness journey.

By Karen Averion Pangan

Get inspired and stay on track with your health and wellbeing goals because it’s never too late to follow through with the glow-up plans you set for yourself at the start of 2022.

Want to get to a healthy weight? Adopt better eating habits? There is no set time for you to get on the right track. A little inspiration goes a long way though so here’s a list of YouTube channels that can inspire you to finally get focused and start that fitness journey. Which one have you already subscribed to?

Photo from Sanne Vloet's YouTube channel.

1. Sanne Vloet

Some might argue that models are not the best influencers to look up to in terms of following a healthy but realistic way of living, but Sanne has always been set with her message of advocating for a sustainable lifestyle with her vlogs.

The Victoria’s Secret model—who has also walked the runways of high-brow brands like Oscar de la Renta and Rodarte—is one of the new-age voices from the modeling industry who lean towards wellness, holistic health over toxic perceptions of beauty and weight. She constantly posts vlogs of her daily meal plans featuring her homemade healthy recipes and she creates exercise videos, too.

Photo from Chloe Ting's YouTube Channel.
2. Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting’s 23 million-strong YouTube subscriber count is enough proof that she is doing something good for home fitness enthusiasts. She has several videos that count millions in views and she also creates free week-long programs for fitness goals. On top of that, her website also features suggested recipes that you can pair with her workout routines. What makes her really stand out, however, is that she has always been a strong supporter of “getting strong” instead of losing weight. A word of advice though, her routines can be a little bit on the advanced side so it’s best to take them slowly if you’re just starting to exercise.
Photo from Pick Up Limes' YouTube Channel.

3. Pick Up Limes

Sadia of Pick Up Limes is the perfect go-to channel for those who want to get started on a plant-based diet. All her videos are so aesthetically pleasing and peaceful that watching them can be inspiration enough for their vibe alone.

Sadia is also a registered dietitian who works with clients one-on-one so she has firsthand experience in understanding the common challenges of those who are struggling to start a plant-based lifestyle. Other than her usual cooking videos, she also creates vlogs that talk about her wellness journey in pursuing a happier and healthier way of living. 

Photo from Body Project's YouTube channel.

4. Team Body Project

Doing any of the videos by Body Project founders Daniel and Alex feels like attending a fun workout class in the comforts of your home. Their YouTube channel features programs that integrate HIIT, cardio, resistance training, and Pilates, all of which are categorized per exercise level. Their beginner workout programs are the perfect routines to try if you’re just starting your home workout habit and building your strength.

Probably the best thing about the channel, however, is its inclusivity when it comes to its instructors. The Body Project makes sure to invite people of different body shapes and fitness levels to feature on their workouts to present a realistic picture of what working on your body looks like. Forget perfect hair and YouTube instructors who never seem to break a sweat during their routines. This channel is all about showing the real experience behind all those crunches and squats.

Photo from Downshiftology's YouTube channel.

5. Downshiftology

Lisa Bryan, the brains and beauty behind Downshiftology, is an inspiration on her own. Formerly a hardworking executive who used to disregard her health, she did a total 180 with her lifestyle after being diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. Her journey pushed her to create her YouTube channel where she shares videos of healthy recipes and easy meal prep. The magic behind her content is how she makes her cooking videos seem so easy and approachable for anyone, regardless of their awareness and experience in a holistic lifestyle. She is also a health coach under the Institute of Integrative Nutrition so she has trained knowledge in her chosen niche.

Having a hard time finding that drive to finally get started on your glow-up journey? Check out these Youtubers and hit on their bell button to subscribe as the first step. Let the inspiration come and the action will surely follow through.

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