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4 Simple at-home exercises to lose your belly fat

Getting those coveted sculpted abs isn’t that hard—you only need to commit. To achieve great results, try these four simple exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home (or pretty much anywhere).

By Nigel Santos

You don’t need to get a gym membership or have fancy home workout equipment to get rid of unwanted flab. At-home workouts are an excellent way to get in shape—and all you need are your bodyweight for resistance plus staunch dedication!

Here are four simple no-equipment at-home workouts that will have you building muscle, losing belly fat, and looking great in 2 to 4 weeks tops! Make sure to eat healthy food, too. Exercise needs to work with a balanced diet to be effective.


1. Butterfly Crunch

Start by lying on your back. Put the soles of your feet together, as close to your body as possible. Bend your knees out to the sides. Place your hands behind your head. Make sure that your elbows are in line with your ears. Keep your back flat on the floor, stomach muscles contracted, and curl your chest up a few inches off the floor. Repeat 10 times.

Target: Rectus Abdominis also known as your "six-pack"


2. Plank

Kneel on a mat with your hands pressed firmly into the mat, directly under your shoulders. Stretch your legs back one at a time to start, and come into a high plank position. Contract your lower abs. Lift your hips toward the ceiling into a pike position. Your body should be long and straight. Hold for one to two minutes (or as long as you can), then drop back on all fours. Do three repetitions.

Target: Lower Abs


3. Side to Side

Bend your knees and put your feet flat on the floor. Place your arms at your sides. Exhale and contract your abs as you slide your right hand toward your right foot. Make sure that your head and neck are aligned and your lower back is pressed to the floor. Switch sides. Repeat 15 times.

Target: Obliques


4. Leg Swings

Start by lying on your back with your arms out to the sides. Make sure your legs and feet are pointing up. Exhale and draw your navel in, as you lower your legs to the left side of the floor. Return to start and switch sides. Repeat 15 times.

Target: Obliques