Travel with ease

Most countries are opening their doors and now accepting travelers from different parts of the world. Traveling has some risks even before the pandemic and what more in today’s world. So, planning will be the key to having safe, happy, and healthy travels.

When you’re ready to take on that journey, FWD KanGuard is here for you. We know life comes with risk, but the good news is you can get protection too. The FWD KanGuard is a plan that covers you for loss of life due to an accident or total disability due to terror acts. 


Travel essentials:  

  • Prepare your personal documents. Get your passports, visas and other important documents for international travels like departure card, travel pass, required travel and health documents as specified by the destination. For local destinations your vaccination card id is a must.
  • Be sure to check if the place of destination requires an RT-PCR test or antigen test. Some destinations will have you quarantined for days after landing. Remember, we are still in a pandemic.
  • Observe minimum health protocols. Whether your destination requires you to wear a face mask or not, it is wise to keep on-hand extras. 
  • Be ready with your budget. For example, traveling by vehicle may be costly due to the surge in gas prices. Thus, it would be good to have extra money.
  • Prepare digitally. Download QR code scanning apps, e-
money, and online banking to get around your destination easily.
  • Bring general medicines for your allergies, colds, and coughs.


Now you are all set to travel both local and domestic. Add another travel essential, the FWD KanGuard, an insurance product beneficial for you whenever you leave home.  


Accident coverage 

Get PHP 500,000 in case of accidental death or if you become totally and permanently disabled due to a terror attack. 


Apply in minutes 

With a simple online application, you can get covered in minutes. No medical exams. 


Medical help wherever you are 

Get 1-year global emergency services support via Assist America. Access 24/7 help from experienced clinicians when you travel over 150 km from home. 


Additional reward 

Protection against COVID-19 via Pacific Cross for in-patient treatment or COVID-19 vaccine-related complications. This reward will be active 20 days after your policy is issued.