Career and self-growth

You’re stronger than the strongest adversity


You know those times when life feels really tough? You feel overwhelmed, and you wonder if you’re strong enough to handle all of it. Yet, every single time, you’re reminded that yes, you are strong. You are strong enough. Stronger than you think, actually—in ways so mundane, so effortless (to you) it’s easy to forget that life was any hard at all.

And that’s the heart of FWD Insurance’s #StrongerYouWithFWD campaign: To remind us that no matter how tough the world is, we’re tougher. No matter how strong the challenges are, we’re stronger. No matter what, there are things, people, and circumstances in our lives that make us braver, better, and so much more than we think we are. We can overcome anything and we’ve proven it.

Because while we live in uncertainty now, what’s certain is we have the power to change our fates and forge newer, better paths. What’s more, we can inspire others to find that courage to turn life’s negatives into a positive with our own stories, our own experiences.

So let’s celebrate those challenges. Embrace those flaws. Remind ourselves that every loss brings forth an opportunity and that the worst of times can bring out the very best in us. Anything is possible when you’re ready to face life head on. So, keep on. Forge on. FWD is with you celebrating the stronger you. #StrongerYouWithFWD.