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5 Ways to live life to the fullest

Living life to the fullest means understanding what makes you happy, what really matters, and what you want to achieve.

By Samantha Z. Beltran

When you find yourself stuck at work or without the person you love, you think you could probably be living your life better. While it may be easy to feel that you have no control over your existence, it is exactly the opposite. Only you get to decide how to live your life and how you would want to live life to the fullest.


Unsure where to begin? Start here with our ways on how to maximize your life.


Define happiness on your terms

When you decide to live life to the fullest, start by defining happiness on your own terms—not anyone else’s. There will be many people in your life who have personal views on how you should go about your future. They will ask you questions such as: When are you going to have married? Why won’t you have children yet? Shrug it off.


Some people may find happiness when they have reached the top of the career ladder or live in a large home. Others may be happy living a simple yet peaceful life. Only you can decide what makes you happy. Seeking validation from others will only stir feelings of inadequacy and pressure, further hindering yourself from living and experiencing life by your rules. When you no longer define happiness based on other people’s definitions, you will start to feel lighter and at peace.


Strive to be a better version of yourself every day

Self-improvement can come from various aspects and can vary from big to small steps. Have you decided to pick up a new skill or hobby during the pandemic? That is already a start at improving yourself. Or perhaps you have decided to become healthier by exercising regularly and watching what you eat. It can even begin from something as simple as deciding to be kinder every day.


Striving to be a better version of yourself can only lead to better and more positive things. Soon, it becomes a habit—and constantly working on your growth can allow you to accomplish bigger goals.


Be kind to your body

Many people take their bodies for granted. Being kinder to your body may not sound much, but it does not take much effort, either. By showing your body the care it needs, you can shower yourself with self-love and ensure better health.


But taking care of your body does not just improve your physical wellbeing but also your mental and emotional wellbeing. When you keep your body in shape and treat it with respect, you can recover and devote more energy to the important things. You also experience less stress.


Feeling tired after a day’s work or on the edge of burnout? Take a break and relax—you deserve it. Be more mindful of your habits, too. Consuming beverages such as coffee and alcohol in moderation prevents damage to your organs. Getting a good night’s sleep as often as you can also help restore and rejuvenate your body for another day. Visit your doctor for regular checkups, and not just when you feel something serious.


Set goals—and plan how to achieve them

Living life to the fullest can also mean accomplishing the things that you have always wanted to do. Start by listing down goals you want to achieve—as well as a plan with steps on how to achieve them.


Writing down your dream goals is one thing; it’s another to ensure actively that they are within your reach. Your goals can be as lofty as affording your car or home within the next year, or they can be as simple and concrete as finishing one book each month. Whatever your goal is, you can achieve it when you work hard for it.


Prioritize the things (and people!) that matter

There are times when we get caught up or distracted by unimportant things. Decide what or who matters to you, and actively find ways to prioritize them. Whether your career matters to you or if you seek greater work-life balance, you must decide how to achieve these to avoid frustration and resentment.


It’s the same thing with people that matter. Knowing who is important to you further prevents the risk of neglecting or disregarding them.


Make the most out of your life by celebrating livingAnd you can do that if you take care of your total wellbeingphysicalmental and emotionalsocial, and financialOnly then can you live the joy of wellbeing.


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