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Cool Government Services You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Free internet and a telegram harana? You will want to sign up for these cool government services!

What comes into your head when you think of government services? We’ll wager a guess: lines that go on for miles, days of application, mountains of paperwork, calls that are left unanswered!

No wonder that thinking about braving the heat, traffic, and crowds around government offices makes you want to do the exact opposite: stay within the comfort of your homes and watch Netflix. But while these experiences are likely accurate, not all of them are unpleasant.

Yes, lining up for a certificate or some tax paperwork is a hassle, but other local government agencies are offering cool services that are worth checking out.


DICT Free Wi-fi for All

Did anyone say free wi-fi? Before you write it off as too good to be true, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) offers Free Wi-fi for All as they believe that internet access must be available to all, especially in this day and age. That means wi-fi is coming to your local government offices, public schools, hospitals, parks, libraries, airports, seaports, and train stations. No more spending on overpriced coffee just to type in a quick reply through email. No more going around in all directions and badgering strangers for directions because you couldn’t navigate your way through Waze or Google Maps. And how can you even beat your deadlines on the road without wi-fi?

Many of us could not last a day without going online –– the Philippines is not the social media capital of the world for nothing, after all. To date, the agency has rolled out over 8,900 active wi-fi spots throughout the country.

Curious to find out if there’s a free wi-fi hotspot near you? Visit the DICT website and check out if there’s a live site near you.


 Singing Kartero

 Uso pa ba ang harana? PHLPost says ‘yes’ with their revival of the singing telegram. In case you’ve been aching for an old-fashioned, kilig-inducing musical experience, PHLPost’s singing karteros can help make your or your loved one’s day brighter. Get in touch with them, choose your special song, add some flowers or gifts, and sweep your special someone’s feet off. While Valentine’s Day is usually a peak holiday for the singing karteros, they are now available for all kinds of occasions.


Postal ID That Doubles as a Discount Card

Hold on, PHLPost hasn’t run out of tricks yet! Have you heard of the new Postal ID? From the laminated cardboard we grew up with, it is now in the same ballgame as your favorite debit/credit cards! With new security features, you can now use this baby as a primary ID and as a discount card! Score promos, freebies, and exclusive deals with partner merchants like Mrs. Fields, Automatic Centre, Great Image, and more. Neat!