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5 companies that work the perks

Ever feel like your salary isn’t enough to make you happy at your job? For these companies, money is indeed not everything!

By Marella Castro

Productive employees work hard. But they play hard, too. For them, a job isn’t always about the money. That’s why companies are putting in more effort to keep their people happy and provide them with benefits and perks that keep them engage. And it’s good business sense. Because happy people work better. Here are some companies who have great benefit packages and unique offerings that any employee would love to have.



Who hasn’t heard of Google? We use their products every minute of every day, from googling a search term and checking mails on Gmail to watching videos on YouTube and, well, using our Android phones. Known for innovative, cutting-edge solutions, Google expects the best from its people but they also give their best to their employees.

For instance, Google offers a round-the-clock well-being support that are ready to assist employees with their legal, financial, and other serious problems.

Google gives parental leave even to non-birth parent! Whether the employee’s child is adopted or not, employees can take a paternity or maternity leave and spend time with their little ones.

Storm Technologies

At Storm, employees is known for providing flexible benefits, where employees can mix and match their benefits package and make it relevant to their current needs.

And would you believe there’s no limit on office leaves? Not even timekeeping! As long as objectives are met with great results, they don’t mind.

Outside work, staff literally take center stage on jam nights, singing, dancing or playing musicThey hold regular board game nights, book club readings, and live streaming of UAAP and NBA finals (they’re still working on WWE!).


Unilever has long been a household name for our daily products. From kitchen ingredients to detergents, you name it—they probably have it. But the company doesn’t just settle for making customers look and feel good, it does the same to employees.

To start off, it has an open desk policy where people can work anywhere that makes them feel more productive. Not just in the office, but also at home or in coffee shops. With the current traffic situation, that’s a definite plus!

Those in the office will get to enjoy open pantries with unlimited coffee/tea. Staff can eat whenever they want to. No fixed breaks!

Unilever HQ has a daycare center, gym, meditation space, karaoke room (complete with mood lighting), Knorr Kitchen (to try out recipes), TRESemme Salon (to try the latest hair products), and cashless Unilever store exclusive to employees—why, it’s like an office and a mall in one! Who wouldn’t want to go to work there every day?

Ideas X Machina (IXM)

IXM is a haven for creative professionals and hopeless romantics alike. Choosing between love life and careers are now a thing of the past. The award-winning digital advertising agency encourages employees to get inspired by love to be more productive at work. They have a dating allowance of PhP1,500, which they can avail six times a year, plus the occasional free movie passes.

CEO Third Domingo gives his blessing (read: subsidy) from the moment they install Tinder or eHarmony dating app, up to the wedding reception (worth Php150,000)—if the fates allow. If they don’t, the company gives them time off, a week’s worth of break-up leave for up to twice a year. People may think these benefits are over-the-top crazy, but for a company that lives and breathes creative work, it makes sense to invest on getting employees inspired themselves. Love wins!