Life skills I learned from playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

I've always enjoyed playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and over time, I've come to realize that this game offers more than just an exciting virtual experience. It's a teacher of life skills that I can apply to real-life situations. Let me share with you the life skills I've learned from Mobile Legends and some tips for finding a balance between gaming and living a fulfilling life.

James Philip Torrato

Let me share with you the life skills I've learned from Mobile Legends and some tips for finding a balance between gaming and living a fulfilling life.

Life skills I learned from Mobile Legends

1. Teamwork is important

Mobile Legends has taught me the power of teamwork. Just like in the game, I've realized that cooperating effectively with others is essential in real life, whether it's working on group projects or collaborating with colleagues at work.

2. Get good at dealing with change

Mobile Legends is always changing, just like life. Sometimes things don't go as planned, and we have to adapt. Learning to be flexible and adjusting our plans in the face of change can be helpful in the real world too. It also helps to be prepared for whatever life throws our way.

3. Never say die spirit

In the game, you don't always win, but you don't quit. Life can be tough, and it's important not to give up when things get hard. Learning from your mistakes and trying again is a valuable skill in real life.

4. Take time for self-growth

Mobile Legends encourages players to continually improve their skills, learn new strategies, and master different characters. Just as I aim to improve my skills and strategies in the game, I've realized that seeking self-improvement, whether it's acquiring new skills, honing my expertise, or simply striving to be a better person, is an ongoing process and a lifelong journey.

5. Time management

Playing is fun, but I know I can’t play all day. Balancing my gaming time with my responsibilities has taught me valuable time management skills that I can apply to meet my real-life commitments more effectively.

6. Making smart decisions

In the game, the choices you make affect your success. In life, the decisions we make can impact our future. Learning to think before we act and making wise choices are skills that can lead to better outcomes.

7. Showing respect and being a good sport

Mobile Legends has emphasized the importance of sportsmanship, no matter the outcome.

Treating others with respect and grace, even when things don't go our way, is an important life skill that is crucial in building positive relationships in my real life.

Balancing gaming and real life

While Mobile Legends has helped me develop valuable life skills, it's essential not to let it dominate my time. Here are some practical tips that I've found helpful for striking a balance:

1. Setting priorities

Identify your most important life goals and allocate time, accordingly, ensuring you prioritize education, work, and quality time with loved ones. That way, you always have time for the things that matter most.

2. Creating a schedule

Establish a weekly schedule that includes dedicated time for gaming, work, and personal activities.

3. Sticking to time limits

You can get lost in the game if you’re not careful. I’ve found that setting limits for my gaming sessions has helped me avoid excessive screen time and ensure it doesn't overshadow other commitments.

4. Taking breaks

Schedule regular breaks during gaming sessions to engage in physical activities, socialize with friends and family, and explore other hobbies and interests.

5. Taking care of your health

The sedentary nature of gaming can take a toll on our bodies. So, I do regular exercise, eating balanced meals, and staying well-hydrated. Sometimes, despite best efforts, medical issues and unforeseen accidents can happen but having a financial safety net and insurance coverage ensures that I won't be overwhelmed by financial burdens in times of need. There are many options out there that is both comprehensive and affordable like The One for gamers

6. Not neglecting responsibilities

I know maintaining a sense of responsibility towards work, and other obligations is crucial for my long-term success. I remind myself every day that there is life beyond the game that also needs my focus and full attention.

7. Staying mindful

I always try to be aware of how much time I spend on gaming and evaluate whether it's affecting my overall well-being and adjust my gaming habits as needed to maintain balance.


A little self-reflection goes a long way

Gaming has taken a huge chunk of my time in the past but with a little self-reflection and course-correction, it has also taught me valuable life skills. By applying these skills wisely and finding a balance between gaming and my personal and professional responsibilities, I know I am on my way to a rich and fulfilling life both on and off the screen.

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