4 Pandemic-Approved Ways to Celebrate Milestones

In the new normal, physical gatherings may be out of the question for now –– but this does not mean celebrations are, either. It doesn’t take a crowd to be festive; learn these pandemic-approved ways to mark and celebrate milestones.

The pandemic has changed social gatherings and interactions likely for the long term. Weddings have been postponed, birthday parties canceled, and dinner reservations are few and far between. Home visits are strictly limited, and family members living in different households will have to make do with phone calls and video conferences.

But while the pandemic can seem like a never-ending cycle of gloom, celebrating life’s milestones propels us to look forward to something tangible. It provides the bright spots in a future of dark uncertainty.

So, how can you continue to celebrate life’s most important moments in the time of COVID-19? We count the ways.


Send out themed party kits

At this point, Zoom conferencing has now become an essential skill. After all, seeing each other on the other side of the screen is better than not seeing each other at all. But after a while, it can get stale and tiring to keep up with virtual gatherings. Here’s a fun way to spice up your Zoom group calls: send out themed party kits to their home addresses!

Think of it this way: if your guests can’t come to your party, then bring the party to them. Conceptualize a party theme and work from there. Celebrating a bridal shower? You may want your guests to wear sashes or tiaras with a mini bottle of wine. Or perhaps you would all like to feast over the same food as you would in an in-person party –– send out the same meal sets to people so you can all dine together! This is your chance to get creative and think out of the box.

Create an online gift registry

Are you planning a birthday party soon? If you’re the type to enjoy receiving gifts on your special day, then you’ll have fun creating an online “gift registry” so that friends can shower you with birthday presents! If you have your eyes set on a particular shop, check if their website allows you to create a gift registry. Otherwise, you can simply wing this and create a wish list of items you would love to receive, alongside the purchase links.


Plan virtual game nights

A well-planned and coordinated game night or activity night can raise spirits and evoke a lot of fun, even without being physically together. A virtual escape room can bring together friends and family members that are apart, while fun and out-of-the-box group activities such as a remote improv class can create a memorable experience. Milestones usually only happen once in a person’s lifetime, so mark it with a program to remember.


Prepare for an intimate backyard celebration

Depending on our changing protocols, there will be times when intimate household celebrations (composed of a very limited number of guests) may be allowed. At this point, everyone will want a change of scenery aside from the four corners they’re used to seeing inside the room. Plan an intimate backyard celebration that helps you all connect to nature and create a refreshing and relaxed environment for everyone.

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