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Get a New Side Hustle with FWD’s Affiliates Program

Earn reward points for simply sharing posts on social media! By Kaydee Dela Buena

FWD Life Philippines

Maximize working in the new normal (which means work from home for many) and earn extra income. Take on a new side hustle like becoming an FWD Affiliate, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to expand your channels for earning rewards.

And what’s great about the FWD Affiliates Program is that it’s risk-free with no joining fees needed. If you’re comfortable sharing on social media, then this is the opportunity for you! You can become part of the prestigious roster of affiliates and start immediately.

The FWD Affiliate Program works by allowing members to maximize their social media network and earn rewards from referrals. Simply share FWD pre-generated posts or customize content for your audience. Then, with every successful referral, you earn amazing rewards.

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