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Why You Should Get Insurance While Young and Why It’s Worth It

You’re young, you’re free, you’re living your best life. Why would you bother with insurance?

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We get it. You have other things to spend your money on, like travel, food, and online shopping. You don’t want to think about the what-ifs and the worst-case scenarios. You’re probably already saving up for your future goals, like buying a house, starting a business, or retiring early. Insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense that can wait until later.

But hear us out. Getting insurance while you’re young is actually one of the smartest moves you can make for your financial future because it can actually support and help your future goals by growing your money, protecting your savings, and even supporting your loved ones in case something happens to you.

Don’t believe us? Here are five reasons why getting insurance now is a no-brainer:

  1. You can save a lot of money

One of the biggest perks of getting insurance while you’re young is the price. Insurance premiums - the amount you pay for your coverage - are much cheaper when you’re young and healthy. As you get older, they go up because of factors like health risks and life expectancy. So, by getting insurance early, you can lock in lower premium that may stay fixed for the duration of your policy.

That means you can save thousands of pesos in the short term and even more in the long term. Not sure where to start? Check out FWD Set for Life, an investment-linked insurance plan that gives you the right balance of life coverage and investment, which you can customize with coverage add-ons to meet your protection needs.


  1. You can secure your financial future

You know how you have more money to spend when you're young and don't have to worry about a lot of stuff? Well, that changes as you get older and have to deal with rent or mortgage, fixing your home, paying for school or your kids' school, and all those bills that keep coming.

That's why you need insurance - not just for when things go wrong, but also for your financial goals. Having insurance can help you secure your financial future before life and all its responsibilities get in your way. Plus, some insurance plans like FWD Set for Life lets you invest your money in funds that matches your risk appetite and goals.

If on the other hand, you have  windfalls or bonuses that you’d like to put to good use, you can consider FWD All Set, a single-pay investment-linked life insurance plan that gives protection and the opportunity to diversify your investments through local and global funds.

By starting these plans early, you can give your money more time to grow and potentially build a sizable nest egg that you can use later in life for things like education, travel, or retirement.

  1. You can take care of your loved ones.

Life insurance is not just for old people or those with families. Even if you’re single or childless, having life insurance can provide financial support to your loved ones in case something happens to you. It can cover funeral costs, debts, and provide a financial cushion for your family members during a tough time. By getting life insurance while young, you can make sure that your loved ones are taken care of no matter what.

Whether you’re working your first job or looking to start your own family, you can consider Set for Tomorrow, a life insurance plan that will protect your family from sudden loss of income or the burden of unpaid loans or mortgages if the unexpected happens, so you and your loved ones can put your minds to rest and focus on living your best lives.

  1. You can handle health challenges better

The best time to get any kind of insurance is when you don’t need it yet.

As you get older, your health may change, and you may develop medical conditions that could make it harder or more expensive to get insured. By getting health insurance while you’re young and healthy, you can secure coverage and protection against future health issues. Likewise, getting health insurance coverage early can help you reduce the risk of needing costly care later in life, as premiums are usually lower when you’re younger and healthier.

A health insurance with extensive coverage like FWD Set for Health, can cover you for up to 3x for future financial expenses if you get diagnosed with any of the 42 major critical illnesses. And the best part, if you never make a claim by age 75 then you get all your paid premiums back.

When you’re young, you have more choices for health coverage. You can pick from different plans and coverages that suit your needs and budget. This gives you more power over your insurance and lets you customize it to your situation. As always, the best choice you can make today is choosing The One you can afford. FWD The One allows you to choose the plan and riders that match your needs.

  1. For your future chill vibes

Finally, getting insurance while young helps you relax knowing that you’re ready for whatever life brings. Whether it’s a sudden sickness, an accident, or the loss of someone you love, having insurance coverage can ease your financial worries and let you focus on getting better and moving on. By taking care of yourself and your stuff now, you can have more chill vibes and financial stability in the future.


The sooner, the better.

The future might seem far, but planning ahead and investing now pays off big time. Insurance might not be the most fun or cool part of financial planning, but it’s still a key part of building a strong and solid financial base for your dreams. Think of it as a treat for your future self - one that you’ll be really grateful for when you need the protection and support insurance gives.

So don’t wait until it’s too late - get insurance while you’re still young and smart.