Money and insurance

Filing insurance claims with FWD is easy, here’s what you need to know

Find out how FWD Life Insurance makes it easy for customers to file and process insurance claims.

By Kaydee Dela Buena

At the heart of our tools, technology, and business is our customers. We make sure care is ready and can be accessed easily whenever it’s needed.

At FWD, virtual claims are available through its Claims Portal or its app Omne by FWD. With these innovative tools, you can file insurance claims online and don’t have to go through the hassle of waiting for an adjuster to receive payment.

Committed to our vision of changing the way people feel about insurance, we continue to innovate and explore ways to make it easy for our customers to file for a claim whenever they need it.

In 2021, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, FWD played its part in making sure Filipinos are protected, covered, and cared for. And as part of its commitment to Filipinos, the company paid out close to P600 million claims. Inspired by the relentless spirit of bayanihan, FWD also donated ventilators to 4 hospitals—The Medical City, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Philippine General Hospital, and Lung Center of the Philippines—to help in the country’s pandemic response.

How to file a claim

You can process claims for death and/or medical issues such as hospitalization and critical illnesses. Here are important ways to guide you:

  1. If you haven't already, visit the FWD website and go to the Claims Portal, or better yet download the Omne by FWD application for easier access.
  2. File an initial report.

  3. Wait for a claims ambassador to reach out to you. They will assist you in every step of the process.

  4. Submit the necessary requirements depending on the claim filed; death claims require the death certificate of the insured, while medical claims require forms from the attending physician.

  5. Wait for the decision on the claim. Your claims ambassador will be the one to update you if there is progress or if you will need to submit other requirements. The turnaround time depends on clients’ contract tenure.

Contestable claims (contracts within two years) take longer at 30 days upon submission of requirements. Incontestable claims (contracts beyond two years) will only take up to 5 days. This is still subject to change so make sure to always keep in touch with your claims ambassador.

Once approved, you’ll receive a notification via SMS or email as to when you can receive the payout. Payouts can directly be credited to your bank account or via check.

No one can predict the future but you can always prepare for the unforeseen by getting protection and back-up plan. So having an insurance to protect your health and wellbeing and the people you care for will always be a good decision to make. After all, life will be more enjoyable when you have lesser worries to think about.

To know more about filing for an insurance claim with FWD, click here or contact your FWD financial advisor.