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5 undeniable benefits of buying FWD insurance online

In the digital age where convenience is king, FWD Life Insurance stands at the forefront of innovation by offering insurance products and services that you can avail online.

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As we change the way people feel about insurance, we are also changing the way people purchase with FWD Shop, our ecommerce platform that offers a seamless experience from the time of your research to the time you sign up, from getting your coverage to claiming your benefits. And here’s why:

Access insurance anytime

1. Access anytime
All you need is an internet connection and a device, and you're ready to explore FWD insurance products that matches your lifestyle, priorities, and budget. Whether you're at home, at work, or on the go, FWD Shop ensures that securing your future is just a few taps away.

Make smart deciisons in buying insurance

2. Make smart decisions
FWD Shop doesn't just offer policies; it also provides a wealth of information. We know insurance is typically hard to get your head around with loads of jargon and fine print that can challenge your patience. But we are a different kind of insurer with affordable insurance plans that are intentionally designed to be easily understood so you can easily align with the products that suits you best.

Enjoy seamless transactions in buying insurance

3. Enjoy seamless transactions
Gone are the days of paperwork and long waits. FWD Shop offers a streamlined process from start to finish. From getting a quote to purchasing a policy, you can complete the entire transaction online in one sitting and receive your policy within 24 to 48 hours, eliminating unnecessary hassle. Additionally, FWD Shop provides secure payment options, ensuring your financial information remains safe.

Manage your insurance anytime

4. Manage anytime
Insurance emergencies don't wait for office hours, and neither do we. FWD Omne, our supercharged 2-in-1 lifestyle and policy management app, gives you the flexibility to manage your insurance policies whenever it suits you best. Need to renew your policy at midnight or review your coverage on a Sunday morning? Want to arrange automatic payment for your insurance plans? No problem. FWD Omne got you covered.

insurance easy claiming process

5. Easy claiming process
Our commitment to convenience doesn't end with policy purchase. Claiming is also a breeze. You can call or email us or better yet, fire up your FWD Omne app, where you can digitally submit your claims, saving you time and stress during what might already be challenging situations.

Convenience right at your fingertips

In a world where convenience is a priority, FWD shines by offering a modern, digital approach to insurance. From easy online access to considering your best options, to purchasing your chosen plans, to easy policy management and claiming process, FWD Shop is a testament to our commitment to enhancing your insurance journey.

If you're looking for a smart and efficient way to secure your future, FWD Shop is the answer.

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