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5 Ways to stay safe as the Philippines reopens

As people quickly resume their old lives, you should remember to stay safe. The virus is still out there.

By Nicko de Guzman

The year didn’t start so festively, with the holidays causing a massive surge that brought us back to strict restrictions. The world is coming to terms with the fact that COVID-19 is here to stay and we’re learning more ways to live with it. However, that doesn’t mean we should let our guards down (except face shields, we can finally let that go!). Here are a few things to do (or keep doing) to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe:

1. Get Vaccinated

Getting a double vaccination is the ultimate way to stay safe as the country tries to reopen again, but getting the booster shots will take your safety to another level. Although vaccines do not guarantee full immunity to the virus, studies have found that it does protect you more. While you’re at it, convince the people around you to get vaccinated as well for better protection.

Vaccination may have side effects, but they’re few, fleeting, and easier to take care of than contracting the virus.

2. Keep Practicing COVID-19 Safety Rules

The virus is still out there. Wearing masks (especially indoors and in public transportation), maintaining social distance, and sanitizing our hands should be second nature by now. There is no excuse to stop the habit.

3. Get Tested

The tricky thing with COVID-19 is its symptoms: it’s similar to the flu, after all. You must get yourself tested and self-isolate if you experience any symptoms. New symptoms are also being discovered as new research emerges from new variants, so being aware and up-to-date with the news is also a good practice.

4. Socialize With Precaution

It’s easy to get over-excited about meeting our friends after being quarantined for so long. But we shouldn’t get carried away. We should be smart and safe when socializing since the virus is highly transmissible in public spaces. Opting to spend time with people outdoors instead of enclosed spaces is one smart solution. Outdoor picnics and exercising in the park are fun ways to spend time with your family and friends. But keep it to a few. No large gathering.

5. Get Insured

While these are great things to do, COVID-19 has not and will not go away that easily. As of late, new variants are still being discovered and are investigated for vaccine efficacy. The best solution to the uncertainty of everything is by getting your bases secured by getting life insurance.

FWD Life Insurance offers physical and financial health protection for you or your loved one with its Health Bundle. The bundle is consist of: FWD Manifest or FWD Set for Life with HealthPro and SurePro for the owner or insured. Just like the vaccine, you can boost this with RecoveryPro to receive a cash allowance for hospitalization, which includes COVID-19 confinement.

After a sudden surge, the future’s beginning to look more open and bright as cases are back to declining. However, we should still look out for each other as COVID-19 is still a problem. As we make our resolutions and look forward to another year, we should remember to follow these steps to stay safe and healthy.