Rules of social distancing and other reminders when you go outside

What will prevent us from bringing the COVID-19 virus to our homes? Here are things to remember when going outside our homes in this pandemic

By Claude Reyes

Soon, quarantine restrictions will be lifted and only our mask, our shield, our alcohol and social distancing can prevent us from bringing the virus to our own homes. Are you prepared? Do you have all your gear? Do you know what the social distancing rules are?

Know the rules in social distancing

Nowadays, there’s no such as thing as being too prepared and too safe. It’s no longer just for your sake, but for everyone around you.

One of most effective ways to prevent the spread of the virus is social distancing. You see, the virus spreads through close contact with someone carrying the virus who may cough or sneeze or even just spit saliva when they’re talking (if they’re asymptomatic). By maintaining a 6-feet distance between yourself and others, you lessen the likelihood of catching or transmitting the virus yourself.

But it’s not just about maintaining a safe distance. As much as you can, avoid interactions with people outside the people inside your home. No meetups or parties, whether it’s an intimate group of four or a mass gathering. This means no eating in restaurants (just order in!) or shopping in malls aside from essentials.

Gear up!

When going out, you need to have the following with you:

1. Mask

2. Face shield

3. Alcohol

Make sure your mask can filter out the virus. Not all masks will be able to so check with your supplier. As for your alcohol, use it. Wash your hands with soap or sanitize frequently with alcohol.

You can check out World Health Organization’s (WHO) website for detailed Dos and Don’ts. They have clear guidelines on how and when to wear a mask, when and how to dispose of a mask, the importance of washing one’s hands thoroughly with soap and alcohol-based sanitizers and overall good hygiene, and how to practice respiratory etiquette.

Workplace rules

When you’re called back to the office, make sure you abide by the COVID-19 prevention rules of your workplace.

The workplace offers a lot of challenges for social distancing, but it can be done:

1. Hold large meetings through video conferencing 2. If possible, hold small meetings in open air 3. No more food sharing for now. 4. Sit one seat apart.

We may have no idea when this pandemic will end, but as long as we follow the guidelines to the best of our abilities, we can still make the best of the situation and live a (new) normal life.