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Out with the Old, In with the E-gifts

The popular Facebook Group “Best of the Best Manila” recently posed an interesting question to its members: What’s the best holiday gift idea that doesn't involve mugs? The question drew enthusiastic responses, going beyond typical gifts like t-shirts and bags to more thoughtful presents. Given increasing eco-consciousness, the conversation highlighted a shift toward more sustainable digital gifting ideas.

In light of today's environmental pressures and consumption problems, the mug debate spurred an important conversation about seeking different gift options that are practical, inventive, and kind to the planet.


Unveiling a world of possibilities through digital gifts

Enter the era of digital gifts, which encompass a diverse range of intangible offerings, spanning entertainment, knowledge, self-improvement, and even personal well-being. These digital presents open up a whole new world in cyberspace!

Entertainment: Gifts to stream, play, and enjoy


Got a binge-worthy show on your brain? Gift your loved ones the ultimate holiday escape with an entertainment subscription!

Whether they're Pinoy classics fanatics, international hit hunters, or K-Drama enthusiasts, there's a streaming service out there with their name on it. Imagine their faces lighting up as they unlock a treasure trove of movies, TV shows, and music, all ready to be devoured at their own pace. These subscriptions are more than just access – they're gateways to endless entertainment, introducing hidden gems alongside familiar favorites. And the best part? It's easier than ever to gift the gift of entertainment. No need to wrap up a bulky box; just grab a gift card and let them choose their own adventure.

For the Pinoy TV aficionados, a streaming service like iWantTFC is like a gift basket overflowing with sarap, drama, and tawa. Want to unleash their inner K-Drama fangirl? A Viu gift certificate unlocks a world of oppa eye candy and heart-fluttering romance. And don't forget the gamers in your life! Razer Gold and Mobile Legends gaming vouchers and coupons are like power-ups for their digital battlefields. Let them level up their skills, snag exclusive skins, and dominate the competition.

Knowledge: Unleashing the power of learning


Want to encourage the recipient towards learning something new? You can definitely gift that! If they want to learn coding, get better at photography, or maybe learn a new language? E-learning platforms can help! Websites like Coursera and Lynda have so many e­ducational resources. They give loved ones the chance to learn and grow in diverse ways. From learning new languages to understanding coding, e­learning platforms can help anyone grow.

Nutrition and food: Nourishing body and soul


Hit their sweet spot by sending digital gifts like local grocery vouchers, food delivery credits, and restaurant e-gift cards. Gift vouchers from your local groceries or restaurants owned by your friends and family offer a practical and thoughtful gesture, ensuring the recipient can access fresh, wholesome meals while also supporting your friend’s business. For sure, one of your friends or family has a cupcake shop or a candle business – purchasing a gift voucher benefits you, the recipient of your gift, as well as the business you’re supporting. These gifts satisfy physical needs and show care and consideration for the recipient's well-being. At the same time, you also get the opportunity to support local businesses and help flourish the MSMEs in your area.

Self-Improvement: A journey of personal growth


Online courses and e-books from platforms like Udemy and self-help websites provide invaluable tools for personal development. These resources can help individuals enhance their skills, cultivate new habits, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. In addition to digital resources, live classes and retreats can also facilitate growth. From meditation and yoga sessions to spiritual retreats and healing journeys, immersive experiences allow people to disconnect from everyday life and focus inward. Of course, it's important to vet any program thoroughly; read reviews and get trusted opinion from friends who have participated. The best part of gifting a personal growth experience is that it shows the recipient you are attuned to their aspirations. Whether through an online class or a weekend getaway, you are supporting their self-improvement and investment in inner peace.

Protection: A gift of peace of mind


Forget the usual pa-Christmas bongga gifts that gather dust in the bodega. This year, let's give something truly precious: the gift of peace of mind.

Introducing FWD KanGift, our affordable insurance plans that you can give as a gift. It has three insurance plans you can choose from. First up, KanLive is the gift that says, "Hey, I care about you and your family.” It’s just easier to face life’s curve balls when you know your family is protected. Next up, KanMend is your critical illness insurance plan which acts as your financial shield that covers you from 42 critical illnesses.  And finally, KanGuard accidental death insurance. Let's face it, accidents happen. But with KanGuard, your loved ones won't be left scrambling for financial support during a very difficult time. Giving the gift of insurance says “I care for you, and I care for your loved ones, too.” Isn’t that what we all want for ourselves and our dear ones?

And the best part, you can choose the KanGift you need. Want the whole package? Get all three. Need a specific hero? Buy your KanGift of choice. FWD Shop will send the prepaid voucher straight to your recipient’s email so they can finish the application, and boom, they get insurance coverage that is good for one (1) year.

FWD KanGift: A Gift that Goes Beyond

FWD KanGift stands out as a gift that goes above and beyond the usual holiday tokens of affection. And you can buy it online. No need for medical exams or time-consuming steps. Its effortless process makes it a great gift for those desiring a thoughtful and easy-to-buy gift-giving solution. Each of the KanGift options, whether it’s KanLive, KanMend or KanGuard, are available as annual coverage for people ages 18 to 50 years old for just ₱1,799/year. With each plan, you also get three reward benefits — medical consults, telemedicine, and global emergency service.

So, give the gift that truly matters. Give a KanGift, and show you care about their well-being. So go ahead, be the Santa of security this year. Your loved ones will thank you later.

Embracing the Digital Gift Revolution

These gifts represent a refreshing shift in the realm of gift-giving. Moving beyond material possessions opens ourselves to a world of thoughtful and sustainable possibilities. Digital gifts have the power to enrich lives, foster personal growth, and provide peace of mind, making them an excellent choice for the modern gift-giver. These gifts build a fresh approach in the gift-giving scene. Digital gifts carry the potential to make lives better, help personal enhancement, and give a feeling of safety. They are top-notch picks for present-day gift-givers.