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7 board games for kids to try at home

With the right game, you can bring together the young and the young at heart. Here are seven board games you and your kids will enjoy at home.

By Marife Remo

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep the little ones indoors, entertaining them while making sure they learn something, too is important. Board games are great for kids because they encourage problem-solving, creativity, and interaction.

The pandemic has left kids with nowhere to go but home. This means they are usually left to their own devices, literally. According to the New York Times, children’s screen time has soared in the pandemic. After all, these kids now spend the entire day sitting in front of a screen for their online classes on top of their old recreational old iPad and mobile habits.

Board games are wonderful for kids for several reasons: aside from the fact that they curb the rise in screen time, they provide a great way for family members of all ages to bond while developing essential qualities such as patience, creativity, and teamwork. Board games let kids have fun with friends, study a bit of strategy, and learn some life lessons. Let your young ones take a break from Minecraft and introduce them to the colorful world of board games.



This classic game is inspired by charades and puts your and your kids’ drawing, acting, and guessing skills to the test. In a nutshell, players are supposed to guess the word other players draw before the time runs out. Each correct answer allows you to advance in the corresponding game board. The first team to reach the end of the board wins.


Want your kid to develop their vocabulary and language skills beyond LOL, ROFL, and LMAO? Introduce them to Scrabble. This game is timeless for a reason. It exercises players’ vocabulary and critical thinking. Strategy is also important since they need to position their letters properly to earn big points.


No classic board game list is truly complete without chess. This old but well-loved game remains one of the best ways to teach kids tactical thinking as well as train their concentration. Kids will learn how to anticipate moves and make unconventional decisions such as sacrificing a piece for eventual gains.


Similar to the concept of Pinoy Henyo, Hedbanz requires players to ask questions that are answerable by “yes” and “no” until they’re able to guess the picture on the card placed on their forehead. The time pressure raises the stakes for an exciting game, even without spectators around. It keeps your kids sharp and alert, and also hones their deductive skills.


This party game is a hit with medium to large groups, and your kids will no doubt enjoy it, too. Taboo is a word-guessing game with a catch: players will have to make team members guess the word without using obvious clues or the “taboo” words specified on the game card. This leads to very creative descriptions in the attempts to provide hints. Players who break the rules will be buzzed out!

Rory’s Story Cubes

Unlike other board games that bring out kids’ competitive nature, this game tests players’ wits. Players roll nine cubes, each printed with images. They have to create a story based on all the elements that show up on the dice. It’s a wonderful improvisational game that sparks kids’ imagination and creativity. It also improves their storytelling skills and teaches them to express themselves clearly.


Another well-loved game, Jenga provides a lot of excitement for kids and players of all ages. Players take turns to pull wooden blocks out of a tower and stack them upon another. The thrill comes when the base becomes more unstable with each move and the tower increases in height. Your home will be filled with screams and squeals as the stack threatens to topple over!


Board games allow a creative outlet for kids to interact, be entertained, and unleash their potential, which can turn into valuable qualities and skills as they grow up. With their EQ secure, you can also prepare your children for the future in other ways, such as FWD’s Babyproof, which provides protection and investment for babies as they grow older. This plan comes with a built-in investment that grows with your child, so their financial future is something that they--and you--won’t have to worry about.