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FWD Babyproof: Preparing for your baby’s financial future today

Insure your baby with protection and investment as early as 15 days old!

Parents prepare for the arrival of their babies by ensuring their safety at home. A baby net is ready to fight off pesky mosquitoes. Drawers are filled with fresh clothes and bonnets to keep babies warm. Mittens to protect their faces from scratching. Each drawer has a lock and rounded corners. A padded changing area is ready for giving them a warm bath.

Parents make sure the baby’s crib, clothes, and coverings are all designed to keep them safe as they grow up.

It’s fun to watch our babies laugh, burp, crawl and sleep! But it's even better to see them succeed in life and grow up strong, happy, and healthy!

Say hello to FWD Babyproof, our first-ever life insurance bundle designed just for babies. We want only the best for babies. So in the same way parents babyproof their homes, we can now protect our kids' future with baby insurance that comes with investment and life protection.


FWD Life Insurance’s best for babies

You can now secure your baby’s financial future, education, lifetime protection, or hospitalization with FWD Babyproof.

  • You can set up this plan with either Set for Life or Manifest with RecoveryPro and SurePro for owner.
  • Get access to diverse selection of funds to empower you to build wealth, fulfill your goals, and protect your assets for your child.
  • Get lifetime protection subject to your fund performance.
  • RecoveryPro helps with hospital expenses. Receive an allowance of PHP1,000 to PHP2,500 each day if your child is confined not less than 3 days; we’ll double this benefitif your child is in the ICU.
  • FWD cares so it waives future premiums should the policy owner become incapable of paying due to critical illness, death, or disability.
  • Flexible payment terms. Parents can choose between 5 and 10-year payment periods.
  • Get additional cash rewards for your loyalty by staying invested up to the 10th year.


Every parent knows that the future is what we make it, so better to babyproof it. FWD is here to help, every baby step of the way.

Schedule a FREE financial session with an FWD financial advisor and learn how to start protecting your baby’s life, health, and financial future today.