How to work from home efficiently in the new normal

Has your office adopted a hybrid work schedule or are you still working from home full time? Here are ways to be more efficient at home.

Kaydee dela Buena

Working from home may not be ideal for some but the perfect setup for others. After more than two years of WFH, some offices have shifted to a hybrid work schedule while others still allow their employees to work from home.

Your goals shouldn’t change just because you’re not in a physical office. If anything, they should be set even higher and your dreams bigger.

Here are tips to make your work hours at home more efficient and productive.

  1. Stick to a schedule.

This helps create a sense of “normalcy” to your workday. List down all the tasks you need to finish for the day, and include breaks for meals and coffee too. If there are other people in the house, maintain a period where you can’t be bothered. Part of setting up a routine means having to get up at a specific hour, so set the alarm at the same time every morning.

  1. Dress up.

Dressing up as though you’re going to the office may help put you in work mode. The key is to pretend you’re actually going to work. Put together a decent outfit, do your makeup, or fix your hair for instance. Simply put, don’t work in your pajamas. Dressing up can make you feel just a little more enthusiastic about accomplishing your tasks.

As far as professionalism goes, this tip is particularly helpful especially if your company does virtual conferences daily. Don’t go into an e-meeting with unruly hair and wearing ratty shirts! More than just taking care of your looks, this will make you feel good about working.

  1. Plan your meals.

To save time in the morning so you can get right to work immediately, opt to prep your food the night before or during the weekend. Pre-quarantine, you were probably accustomed to dining out or eating late. This is a great time to form new habits. Brain food like berries, nuts, and whole grains can improve memory and boost productivity and should be kept near you to snack on.

  1. Have a proper workspace.

If possible, try not to work in the bedroom. You might find it difficult to resist the urge to crawl under your sheets and take a nap. If not, the least you can do is to tidy up and designate a conducive area that’s free from distraction and noise. You can also set up your laptop or computer near a window to get sunlight and vitamin D. This will help you stay energized throughout the day.

  1. Get moving. Exercise.

Being stuck at home for an extended period means having low levels of physical activity. Don’t use isolation as an excuse to not get moving. You don’t always need a complicated routine or equipment to exercise. The simple act of walking around the house is enough to get your body and brain energized. And since you’re working, you’ll probably spend lots of time sitting down, so don’t forget to stand up and stretch. There are dozens of workout classes available on the internet, from yoga to light aerobics and intense HIIT routines. You’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy.

  1. Drink lots of water, eat healthy.

Boosting your immune system is crucial. Make sure you stay hydrated and well-fed. Keep a pitcher of water beside your desk. When you work alone, there is no one to remind you to take a break and eat, so set alarms for snack and lunch breaks.

  1. Stay connected.

Working from home means you’re relying on digital tools, but that does not mean cutting off everyone else. It’s best to maintain contact with your colleagues. Schedule e-meetings regularly to check in with your team and align goals and deliverables. Make sure you’re also reachable via calls, just in case virtual messaging causes a mix-up.


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