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FWD’s new campaign inspires Filipinos to prioritize insurance today to build their best future tomorrow

Manila, Philippines, 12 February 2024 – In celebration of its 1Oth anniversary, FWD Life Insurance (FWD Philippines) launched a new campaign that kindles the need for Filipinos to insure themselves today.

February 12, 2024
FWD Life Philippines

The campaign video portrays different Filipinos of the next generation and their aspirations. Each character meets the best future version of themselves, who thanks the present self for taking the steps towards achieving their dreams.

At 1O years young, FWD Life Insurance (FWD Philippines) has been the insurer of the next generation by changing the way people feel about insurance through innovative, inclusive, and people-centric plans fit for Filipinos’ evolving needs.

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“Our main objective for this campaign is to address the priority gap most Filipinos are exhibiting, meaning they know about insurance, but they do not prioritize getting one,” said Roche Vandenberghe, FWD Philippines Chief Marketing and Digital Business Officer. “With more Filipinos are doing all they can to secure the best future for themselves and their loved ones, we want to support them by making sure their hard work will always be protected.”

Ms. Vanderberghe refers to a 2023 consumer study finding 81% of Filipinos allocating more of their budget for essentials due to inflation,. Based on the same study, 78% of Filipinos are also reportedly saving money for the future.While these numbers suggest Filipinos have become more practical with their finances, many still show a priority gap in other essentials such as income protection. This contributes to the Philippines having one of the lowest insurance penetration rates in the region at less than 2%.

Unaddressed, the priority gap leads to protection gap, where they are more susceptible to economic losses due to their vulnerability to critical illness, accidents, and loss of life.

As out-of-pocket expenses for essentials continuously rely on their income, more Filipinos can benefit by prioritizing financial protection as a necessity in building their best future.

Ms. Vandenberghe emphasizes that FWD’s approach is anchored on protecting people’s desired way of life. “We want to do our part in ensuring that Filipinos can celebrate living and build their best future. What you do today makes a difference tomorrow, and by choosing FWD, you can thank yourself later—we got your back.”

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About FWD Philippines 

FWD Life Insurance Corporation (FWD Philippines) launched its commercial operations in September 2014. Currently, FWD Philippines ranks number one in customer experience among insurers in the country1 and maintains its position as top three and six in terms of paid-up capital2 and new business annual premium equivalent3, respectively.

FWD Philippines is part of FWD Group, a pan-Asian life insurance business with more than 11 million customers across 10 markets, including some of the fastest-growing insurance markets in the world. FWD reached its 10th anniversary in 2023. The company is focused on making the insurance journey simpler, faster, and smoother, with innovative propositions and easy-to-understand products, supported by digital technology. Through this customer-led approach, FWD is committed to changing the way people feel about insurance.

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