If you’re looking for your first life insurance plan but also want to treat it as an investment, then look no further than this easy starter plan. Enjoy life-long protection for up 100 years old and other benefits, such as customizing your life coverage.

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You’re looking for a life insurance plan that’s easy to understand and even easier to maintain. FWD Life’s Set for Life plan lets you take advantage of a low, annual premium starting at Php18K with your choice to pay over five or ten years – whichever suits you best. That’s as easy as setting away Php1500 per month for lifelong protection with an amount that won’t break the bank. Plus, the money you earn will keep on earning through the investment fund of your choice, so you can start living it up.

So... What does it do?

  • Flexibility at your fingertips - Maximize your returns and protection by deciding how much you want your life coverage to be.

  • Get coverage up to 100 years old - When you feel protected for a longer period, you're able to do more things with the time you have.

  • See your money grow! - The money you earn will keep on earning through your choice of FWD investment funds. Be able to enjoy those earnings anytime, anywhere.

  • Get started right away! - The longer you keep your money earning with FWD Life, the more you get out of your plan. And on your 10th year, we’ll give you a nice surprise.

  • Maximize your plan - Our add-ons let you top-up premium to your life insurance plan for additional protection and flexibility.

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