FWD Insurance Enhances Coverage with COVID-19 Assist, Introducing Better Benefits for Existing Frontline Customers

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — FWD Life Insurance Philippines (FWD Insurance) today announced its enhanced COVID-19 coverage for eligible existing customers. FWD COVID-19 Assist will also provide customers who are medical and health care workers at the frontline of the fight against the coronavirus with lump-sum death benefits for claims between April 16 and 30, 2020.

“FWD is committed to providing customers with the right support. As such, we constantly review our products to ensure appropriateness of our benefits and offerings,” said Li Hao Zhuang, FWD Insurance President and Chief Executive Officer. “As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, our Filipino bayanihan spirit is important to us now more than ever, and our enhanced benefit aims to provide extra coverage for medical and health care workers on the frontline whom many consider to be our unsung heroes amidst the pandemic.” 

FWD COVID-19 Assist provides additional death benefits for:  

  • Individual plan (except Kandüü, Set Ka Na, and Peace plans): Php 100,000, with additional Php 50,000 if the insured is a medical frontliner 
  • Kandüü plan: Php 10,000, with additional Php 5,000 if the insured is a medical frontliner 

Additional Php 25,000 will be paid if the policyholder is registered with FWD Tapp upon claiming the COVID-19 Assist benefit. 

FWD customers with individual policies and Kandüü are eligible for the Php 100,000 benefit. For any FWD COVID-19 offer including the previous COVID-19 Ready and the enhanced COVID-19 Assist, the benefit can only be claimed once. 

In addition, FWD Insurance will continue to provide its individual customers additional benefits and consideration in response to the COVID-19 outbreak until April 30, 2020:  

  • For plans with due dates from March 6 to April 30: extension of insurance premium payment grace period to 90 days for customers diagnosed with COVID-19, and 60 days for all other customers
  •  Accepting and processing claims including those filed beyond 30 days 
  • Accepting insurance claim documents in soft copy format 

FWD Insurance also launched its COVID-19 Charity Drive, whereby every eligible FWD protection policy purchased in April 2020 will generate a donation for the St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation. Funds raised will be used to buy additional personal protective equipment (PPE) for the hospital’s medical frontline.

News Source: Adobo Magazine