FWD Innovations towards the "Next Normal"

Our very own President & CEO Li Hao Zhuang was one of the panelists in the World Fintech Festival held on 11 December 2020. A first in the country, the event has been attended by an impressive number of attendees and esteemed speakers in the Philippines and worldwide.

Li Hao shared FWD Insurance’s active role in helping the nation move beyond the challenges of the pandemic and onwards to the “Next Normal”. Here he outlines how FWD Insurance helps reduce the digital divide and create a more conducive environment for the digital economy to flourish:

“When we talk about reducing the digital divide, what we're really talking about is bridging the huge protection gap in the Philippines. Only 1.7% of Filipinos have insurance.

FWD Insurance’s mission is really to protect and save the lives of all Filipinos.

And we do so using digital innovations, in three ways:


  • Expanding customer reach digitally

We were the first insurer to make 100% of our products digitally available when the country locked down. We also created digital-only, smaller policies to expand reach to more Filipinos. We recorded 30X increase in sales during the pandemic.


  • Enhancing customer service digitally

We enhanced our digital servicing. Our award winning TAPP app allows our customers to connect and transact with us anytime, anywhere. Our live chats are available 24/7, and we recently launched Frankie, and AI-powered natural language callbot.

We’ve been rated #1 in Customer Experience in the Philippines in a commissioned study conducted by Forrester, and we recorded 20% increase in Net Promoter Score during the lockdown.


  • Creating employment and changing how we work digitally

We continue to offer meaningful careers for advisors while many sectors are facing massive unemployment. Our advisors have industry’s most advanced digital tools to seek and serve their clients safely and remotely. They can run their entire business and advisory from their mobile devices.

For our staff - we have 100% remote working capability from day 1, and we can continue indefinitely. Our Work from Anywhere program allows our staff to operate anywhere they feel safe.

Finally, we're excited to share our game-changing Affiliate app – to open up sharing of financial knowledge and protection to everyone. You can share, protect your loved ones, and earn rewards for doing so.

In summary – At FWD we bridge the digital and protection divide through digital customer reach, digital customer service, and new ways of working digitally. We empower more Filipinos to achieve financial security and truly celebrate living.”