5 Unique Businesses That Will Make You Want to Start Your Own

“Why didn’t I think of that?” That’s a line you keep telling yourself again and again, especially whenever you see someone turn an otherwise simple idea into a profitable business venture. If starting an unconventional business piques your interest, then check out these five unique but financially successful ventures that just might make you want to conquer your own niche market. 

To be a successful entrepreneur you need to solve a problem or fulfill a need, perhaps one your customer didn’t even know existed. Unusual businesses engage a particular group of underserved customers who are only too willing to buy what you have to offer. Below are five unconventional businesses that have gained buzz and continue to be successful. Hopefully, these inspire you to come up with your own wacky ways to strike gold.

1.  Cat Cafes

So you’re a cat lover who lives in a condo that doesn’t allow pets. No worries, we now have cat cafes in Manila where you can get your feline fix. The Cat Café Manila in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City is a place where you can enjoy a meal while petting and enjoying the company of a myriad of cats. The restaurant endorses the advocacy of adoption through exposure. Other cat cafes in Quezon City are: Miao Cat Café in Project 8 and Gilmore Cat Café in Granada.

2.  Shareable Office Space

If you have unused property, consider opening a co-working space. Thanks to technology, entrepreneurs can now run their business from anywhere and not have to rent permanent office space. Shareable office spaces are ideal for freelancers who may have distractions at home. Companies such as Regus Philippines help you find flexible workspaces made simple with all-inclusive pricing. Co-working spaces are designed to have more reliable Wi-Fi connection and electrical outlets than your go-to coffee shops. 

3.  Professional Cuddling

Google search shows that we still don’t have a local version of this quite unusual business. But the Cuddle Party’s company website defines its business as, “a workshop and social event designed for adults to explore communication, boundaries, and affection.” Now on its 14th year, its mission is to teach compassionate, nonsexual touch. There are professional cuddlers, too, like Samantha Hess who makes $60 an hour for cuddle time without the complications of a relationship.  

4.  Education On-The-Go

How about a business that offers online classes taught by expert practitioners? Skillshare, founded in 2011, allows experts to teach online courses on any subject through short videos. Students can take classes via smartphones and tablets. Skillshare costs a mere $10 monthly with a free 14-day trial and unlimited access to over 15,000 classes.