Travel Hacks All Moms and Dads Should Know

It is end of school term! And with that comes the long break and yes, family summer vacations. Fun times for the kids. Not always quite the same experience for frazzled parents. For less stress on your next family trip, here are a couple of hacks parents can use.

No parent ever dreams about packing for the entire family. Plus, making sure the family makes the flight on time can be a real hassle. Here are a couple of tips that’ll make family vacations a little more bearable and less worrisome for the adults in the family.

Pack smart, avoid excess baggage fees

A lot of parents find themselves overpacking and paying excess for checked luggage. Save on baggage fees by packing all the heavy items and toiletries in one suitcase and checking that one in. Clothes can then be rolled into individual backpacks and hand carried—giving you access to items of clothing the kids might need while in transit.

Two familiar items for each kid

Have your kids pick two personal items they like prior to the trip, such as a much loved stuffed toy or a book they read before bedtime, that’ll help them settle into their new rooms while on vacation. The familiarity of these items gives a sense of home and security, plus they’ll have a toy to entertain themselves with when bored.

Sunburn cure

Did the young ones stay out in the sun for too long and are now hurting from sunburn? If you’ve got some milk in the fridge, soak up a washcloth and apply directly to skin for a couple of minutes. That should help ease the burning sensation and alleviate any discomfort.

Empty water flasks

Put a couple of empty flasks or water bottles in your bags. You can easily fill these with water once past airport security and save yourself loads with constantly having to buy bottled water. The flasks can easily be filled with other liquids—like milk or juice—once on the plane, providing the kids with drinks throughout the trip should they get thirsty.

Write your mobile number on your children’s arm when out for the day

Before everybody starts wandering off in different directions, write your mobile number with nontoxic markers on the arms of the younger kids. Or have them wear information wristbands with your contact details. That way if they do get separated from either you or their older siblings, there’ll be a number that lifeguards or authorities can use to get in touch with you.