3 Easy Steps in Safeguarding Your Financial Information

If you’re just one click away to buying that shirt or shoe online, better make sure your credit card information is safe and secure. Here are three steps on how to do it.

Can’t afford to waste precious time lining up in the bank for over-the-counter-payments or scouring through shops after shops, looking for that perfect pair of shoes? Mobile banking is your answer.

Whether on your mobile phone or on your desktop, everything is just literally a touch of a button away. But don’t fall into the trap of digital convenience because it does not come without a cost. Fraudsters and hackers can easily steal your information and money. Here are three simple steps to make online financial transactions safe and secure.

1. Protect Your Password

Never use your pet’s name, your birthday, or even your family’s personal information.  Hackers keep a close watch over people’s habits, favorite places to go to, and the loved ones and friends that constantly surround them, hoping these info will give them access to your accounts. So stick to random, unrelated passwords. Get as vague and as creative as you can! Use alphanumeric codes and add it to any of your personal favorites like a game franchise or a soundtrack or a character from a film. But remember, change your passwords at random times. Just make sure you take notes so you won’t get locked out of your own account.

2. Guard Your Mail, Both Email and Snail Mail

Don’t leave your mail just lying about! Think about it: your credit card statement has all the pertinent details that an identity thief would need, from your complete name and address, contact number, and account information. The same goes with your inbox. Don’t leave it open for anyone to see or constantly logged in, where anyone can check without the need for a password. 

3. Use Social Media Wisely

Uploaded images with personal documents in the background or identification cards can be scrutinized and magnified to harvest information. So before you post that selfie, make sure you’re not giving away valuable information you would otherwise not want to be made public.