Money Strategies for 1st Year of Marriage

They say the first year of marriage is the toughest. Lots of adjustments and challenges. Here’s are short but sweet advice to newlywed couples when it comes to money matters.

A lot of couples tend to spend most of their money trying to make their wedding perfect. But after the wedding, they are back to zero or paying off debts. To avoid money problems on the 1st year of marriage, here are money strategies that newlyweds should do. 

1. Both should be employed

While you don’t have kids yet, one may not sacrifice their job yet. Ipon ng ipon (save and save) in preparation for the family. If there’s a baby in the way, expenses will double up, and especially when your baby starts to go to school.

2. Discuss your goals

Family planning comes in here. How many kids do you want? What age do you want to retire? Are you planning to put up your own business? Set your goals as a couple, this needs a lot of compromising.

3. Save before spending

Spending habits, one may be the one who spends a lot, then the other controls it. Worse if both the wife and husband are “one-day millionaire.” Remember the equation, Income-savings-expenses=extra. 

4. Design your budget

How do you plan your budget? Every 2 weeks when you both get your payrolls? Or monthly? Find a budget plan you are both comfortable with to follow and sticking to it. 

5. Track your budget

One hack to stick to your budget is the envelop system using an expandable envelope that are usually used for separating files. Aside from files, store your money there, carefully label it, “for rent”, “phone bills”, “entertainment”, “grocery” etc. 

6. Buy best investments

Thank you for the gifts you have received during your wedding day, but of course you need to buy your own things to fill up your home. Buy investment pieces at home, such as good quality appliances like fridge, stove etc. You may also invest in stock markets, mutual funds, unit investment funds little by little. Popularly known as variable life insurance, these innovative products provide you with both a life insurance and investment option. FWD Philippines Life’s products offer lifelong protection earnings through an investment fund of your choice while helping you grow your money for future needs like educational expenses or buying your new home.