Cool Government Services You Probably Did Not Know Exist

Before you go on to another anti-government tirade, do you know that you can access the internet for free or send someone to do a “harana” for you? Betcha didn’t know that! Here are three government services you need to try now.

Yes, we have been burned time and again: pila for miles, waiting for days, gravity-defying paperwork, and crowds that seem to be a staple among government offices! Just thinking about it makes us want to stay inside our homes and watch Netflix. Then again, crowds may not be for everyone, but public service certainly is! Here are some government services we shouldn’t let go to waste (after all, they’re our taxes).

Juan, Konek! Free WiFi Service

You heard it. FREE! No more spending on overpriced coffee just to get a quick reply on email. No more risking getting the wrong directions from a random ate/kuya passing by because you can’t search where you’re going on Google Maps. You can even try beating your deadlines on the road (keyword: TRY).

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is making internet access a basic right. Because, who are we kidding? We can’t even go a day without our online dose. 1,634 target areas nationwide are already undergoing testing. Free WiFi is coming to your local government offices, public schools, hospitals, parks, libraries, airports, seaports, and train stations. Some people we know have tried it, and it works! You excited yet? Log on to see the Juan Konek Hotspots near you, and

#ExperienceJuanKonek !

Singing Kartero

Uso pa ba ang harana? PHLPost says ‘yes’ with their revival of the singing telegram. Just like they do in the classics! Choose your special song, add some flowers, a gift or both, and you’ll be the talk of the town. Valentine’s is a peak season, so get going before they run out of Singing Karteros!

Postal ID That Doubles as a Discount Card

Hold on, PHLPost hasn’t run out of tricks yet! Have you heard of the new Postal ID? From the laminated cardboard we grew up with, it is now in the same ballgame as your favorite debit/credit cards! With new security features, you can now use this baby as a primary ID and as a discount card! Score promos, freebies, and exclusive deals with partner merchants like Mrs. Fields, Automatic Centre, Great Image, and more. Neat!

Keep your eyes open for other public service treasures. There’s a lot more out there!