9 Signs He’s Husband Material

Yeah. Yeah. He’s the one. Or so you say. But is he really or are you just drunk from all the kilig? Here are eight signs he is someone you can marry. How many of these he ticks off?

Okay. So you’re in love. And we’re happy for you. (Ikaw na ang may lovelife!) But after the kilig and the excitement wears off, you need a reality check. Is he someone who will stick by you? Will he be faithful? As much as it pains us to be a party pooper, you need to also think about these things. After all, why continue with the relationship when you know it’s not for forever? 

1. He knows his priorities.
And that includes you, his career, his family. He can balance his time and his commitments. Between a night with a PS4 and a date night with you, he’d choose the latter, hands down. If he does not, well, better rethink. We’re telling you now, a PS4 is tough competition. 

2. He considers you as a “partner” in life.
Partnership is not about owning him and him owning you. You work together as a team to make your relationship work. He treats you as an equal and does not lord it over you. He considers your opinion and consults you about things that affect the relationship. 

3. He enjoys your company and can talk to you about everything. 
Best friends turned lovers are often the best relationships because they are already comfortable with each other. If you have a special rapport and connection, the kind where you can talk each other’s head off all night ‘til the wee hours of the morning, then he might really be the one. 

4. He is your biggest supporter.
He is your biggest fan. He makes you feel beautiful and intelligent and capable. He supports your decision and helps you become the best version of yourself. He does not curtail your efforts to reach your dreams. Instead, he tries his best to make you realize them. Likewise, he accepts your support for him as well. 

5. He is truly proud of you.
He is not ashamed of you and he does not put you down. He is proud of what you have accomplished and he believes that you can do more. He is proud of your achievements and does not feel threatened or jealous in any way. 

6. He respects you.
He respects you as a woman, as a partner, as a person. If he blows off steam in the heat of an argument between you too, he does not hit you or throw hurtful words at you. 

7. He is faithful and honest.
This is not just about third parties. It’s about how much you can trust him. Even if he does not have someone other than you, does he always speak the truth? In a marriage, trust is very important. If you cannot trust him right now, what else is there for the future? 

8. He shares your beliefs and values.
This is one of the things that people fail to consider when dating and looking for a life partner. You need to have the same values and beliefs. Differences in religion, culture, and values can create big problems later on. 

9. He wants to marry you.
There are a lot of men today who are afraid of commitment. But with the right woman, a man can overcome his fear. If he sees a future with you or if he wants to spend the next months and years with you, then maybe he’s getting there. The question you need to ask yourself: He may not be ready now, but will he be in the future?