8 Philippine Destination Every Filipino Should Visit

The Philippines is such a beautiful place, you’d probably need a lifetime to visit all its beautiful destinations. But since you cannot be traveling every week or every month, we’ve put together a list of local travel destinations that every Filipino should visit in. 

Ran out of ideas on where to travel to next? Find out which destinations have made it to most Filipinos’ bucket lists and why they are worth the visit.

Masasa Beach

If you are a fan of beaches with fine, white sand, you should definitely visit Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Batangas. Masasa Beach is known not only for its sand but also for the various rock formations scattered along its shores. This is an ideal spot for a quiet getaway as only a few know the beach… yet.

Jomax Peak

Situated on the cliffs of Don Salvador, Negros Occidental, Jomax Peak is an intimate family resort turned wellness facility. It’s a must for every traveler who loves breathtaking views because of the sea of clouds surrounding its deck. Plan your trip ahead though because they do not accept walk-in visitors.

Kalanggaman Island

This island in Polompon, Leyte will give you Mediterranean, Maldives feels. This tourist destination is know for its sandbars, crystal clear waters, and scenic views.

Batanes Islands

The beautiful archipelago of the north of Luzon will surely make you want to quit the city life. Batanes has a definite place in everyone’s bucket list because of its scenic cliffs and heritage villages that has houses made of stones! One of its main attractions is its beautiful coastlines overlooking the ocean.


If it had made its way to the World’s Seven Wonders, then it probably is a place worth visiting. This island in the Southern Tagalog Region of the Philippines is a haven for nature junkies with its unspoiled forests, hidden lagoons, caves, and underground rivers. It is simply nature’s work of art.


If you’re the type who wants an adventure, spend a week in Sagada and tour the place. Getting there might be a long road trip but it will be worth it. Its mountains offer the most breathtaking view of the Mountain Province, particularly the stunning rice terraces. It is also a perfect destination for stargazers as the skies are unmarred by smog or skyscrapers.


Bangui in Ilocos Norte is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. You have probably seen those photos of windmills.  Those were from the wind farm in this town. Bangui is also famous for its beaches, particularly Pagudpod, which never fails to give you the perfect panorama shot.


As one of the World’s 7 Wonder Cities, it’s an absolute sacrilege not to include Vigan in your bucket list. Its main attraction is the heritage village, famous for its cobblestoned street known as Calle Crisologo. The place takes you to back in time when cars are not yet even the norm and people ride in horse-drawn vehicles, locally known as kalesas