8 Thoughts to Have Daily

Having a bad day? Don’t let negativity douse the fire in you. Here are simple thoughts you can use as happy pills.

There are just days when you want to just cry in frustration—the day when you spill your coffee on your white shirt before a presentation or when a truck rages by showering you with ruddy mud, or when a coworker doesn’t do his part and you get the blame. 

For those kinds of days, or just the simple lazy days when you just can’t make yourself leave the bed in the morning, just take a deep breath and repeatedly recite any of these happy mantras.

1. “I am going to give this day my best.”

Say this to remind yourself that one setback does not mean you’re already defeated. Hang in there and face the day with a brave face. Nobody ever achieved anything great without overcoming a few challenges.

2. “Today, I will dream big.”Focus on the bigger picture. Yes, your shirt has a coffee stain but then again, you’re ready and will rock your presentation. Focus on achieving your goals, all other things are just bumps in the road.

3. “I will live in the present.”

Remember that what happens today stays in the present unless you let it affect the future. Things will get better. So forget what happened and charge it to experience. Live in the ‘now’ and focus on what you can still do TODAY.

4. “I can fulfill my purpose one step at a time.”

As the Jordyn Sparks’ song goes, “One step at a time, there’s no need to rush.” This daily thought reminds you that achieving your dream is not an overnight thing. It takes time.

5. “I feel energized this morning.”

Say this the moment you wake up. These words can perk up your system the same way coffee does. Sometimes, all it takes to start the day right is an enthusiastic mindset.