7 Board Games That’ll Get Kids Off Computer Games

When was the last time your kids played an actual game with friends and not via a smartphone? With the right game, you can entice kids (and maybe even adults, too!) to go back to old-fashioned dice and tokens. Here are seven board games your kids will surely want to play with. 

Nothing beats the classic board and card games. You get to have fun with friends, learn a bit of strategy, and get some life lessons, too. Here are 8 board games that will make kids forget Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, Temple Run, and Candy Crush—well at least just for a while.

Charades for Kids

The rules are easy-peasy. A kid will act out a certain word or phrase and the rest of the team should guess what it is. This game develops kids’ motor skills, creativity, strategic skills, and even their vocabulary. They’ll even learn a thing or two about teamwork and leadership.


Want your kid to develop their vocabulary and language skills beyond the LOL, ROFL, and LMAO? Introduce them to Scrabble. This classic board game just does not get old. This will quickly train their minds to form words and teach them strategy, too, since you need to get to the triple and double words to earn big points.


It’s sacrilege not to include a classic game like Chess. This old but well-loved game is still the best in teaching people focus and strategy. It teaches people to anticipate moves and at the same time, have the foresight to sacrifice one player for the whole pack.


This is a game that will test one’s ability to analyze and deduce. Similar in concept to the segment of popular noontime show Eat Bulaga! Pinoy Henyo, it also requires players to ask questions that are answerable by “yes” and “no” until they guess the picture on the card placed on their forehead. Again, this is largely a game of strategy as well as rational thinking and deductive reasoning.

Angry Birds Knock on Wood

If you think you’ve seen the last of these birds, think again. It is now a board game! The game is simple enough to understand and similar in principle to the mobile game app.

Rory’s Story Cubes

Unlike other board games that bring out kids’ competitive natures, this has no winners or losers. You just roll the dice and create a story out of the drawings that came out of rolled dice and tell it to the other players. The abstract sketches enhance kids’ imagination and creativity. It also improves their storytelling skills and gives them the confidence to speak in public.

Connect Four/Connect 4 Launchers

Those who are familiar with tic-tac-toe will be surprised with this upgraded version. It’s the same principle as the classic game, except it has become a bit complicated. Well, it still teaches kids to strategically plan moves. It develops critical and logical thinking, which they will need in school and in life.