6 Things to Remember When Choosing a Bank

It seems so simple. You open a bank account and you put your money in there. But the devil is in the details and most of the time, those details will make a lot of difference. Here are things you need to consider when choosing a bank that will safekeep your money.

There are a probably more than a dozen banks in the country all offering the same service—keep your money in exchange for interest. But while banks basically have the same product line, they will serve you in different ways. Thus, it will be good to shop around for a bank that will give you assurance, convenience and maximum benefits. Here are five things you need to look into. 

Although your money is insured up to P500,000, it will still be prudent to choose banks that are stable, with assets to back it up. Don’t just look at the bank’s years of operations. Check its annual income and rep. Is it expanding or closing its branches?

Wide range of services
Check out the additional services they offer aside from savings account such as loans, remittances, insurance, investments, debit cards, and credit cards. Ideally, once you have chosen your bank, you will turn to them for all your financial needs. 

This is perhaps one of the things that people forget to consider. Just because a bank is a few steps away from your home or office does not mean it’s already convenient. Consider, too, the number of branches it has nationwide as well as its ATM machines which will allow you to transact anytime, anywhere. That bank may be near your place but if that is its only branch in the whole city, it will be inconvenient. 

Online service
These days, banks offer online services that allow their clients to check their balance, transfer money, and pay bills via the internet. That’s convenience that you might want to look into. 

Banks offer different interest rates. It’s best to check out the rates they offer and consider that when choosing where to put your money. 

Service charges
Sometimes, what you will earn from interest isn’t enough to pay for a bank’s service charges. Some banks, for instance, will charge people when depositing at a provincial-based account and for interbank transfers. Most will charge for accounts below maintaining balance and dormant accounts that have no transactions over a period of time (Damn if you use it. Damn if you don’t!). Ask for a list of service charges and compare banks.