6 Fitness Tips for Working Millennials

No chance to get fit with you tied to the office chair, all day, every day? Excuses. Excuses. As the saying goes: When there’s a will, there’s a way.

For sure, after filling your stomach with lechon, fruit salad, and pancit during noche buena and media noche, people will try to scale back and make “dieting” their New Year’s resolution (which was probably their resolution three years in a row!). But how to achieve that when you’re basically stuck in the office chair with no physical activity apart from the moving the mouse left and right? Here are a few tips that can help you. 

1. Make time for exercise. 
Yes, we know you’re busy but 30 minutes of your time in the morning is not much. If you do find it hard to allot the prescribed 30 minutes, you can opt for shorter fitness routines that are also effective. One example is the four-minute FWD Motion which Coach Jim and Toni Saret have devised. The workout consists of four key steps— jump, squat, push up and lunge—that will make you burn as much as 600 calories. Wow! Click here to watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNxJJCAWcnY 

2. Do desk exercises. 
There are so many mini exercises that you can do while sitting on an office chair. You can, for instance, do leg raises, chair squats, desk dips, wall sits, and arm raises. 

3. Take the stairs.
Take the stairs. Walk to the lunch place. Get your own coffee. If you’re office is just on the 3rd floor, forgo the elevator and use the stairs. Those whose office are on higher floors can opt to get off at a certain floor and then just use the stairs to get to your floor.

4. Grab every opportunity to do physical activity.  
Take every chance to work off those calories. Instead of taking the taxi, why not walk to get to your favorite lunch place? With the coffee machine just a few meters away, get your own cup. Get off at a bus stop before your designated one and then walk all the way to your building. 

5. Find a fit buddy. 
Believe it or not, it’s easier to stay on your goal of getting fit when you have a partner. Doing it together will help you get motivated. Besides, it’s more fun having someone to workout with. 

6. Sign up for health meal delivery program
Too busy to prepare your meals? Order a weekly meal plan delivered to your office doorstep. This is better than the usual fast food or oily carinderia meals. Not only will these plans help you lose weight and get fit, they will also provide you balanced nutrition.