5 Workplace Set-ups You'll Likely Get Into

Every workplace has its own vibe, personality, and story. Which one would you want to work in? 

The Traditional Workplace

This is your typical office set-up, where people work for eight hours (or more!). There is a strict dress code. Employees respect their superiors and never miss a deadline. Desks are cubicle type and they only talk to each other when necessary or during break time. This is for people who needs structure and silence in their work environment.


The NPA (No Permanent Address) Workplace

Oh, there is an office, except people are rarely there. Most of the time, people are out in the field, meeting clients, doing events, or working from home. This is the kind of workplace that may be crowded one day and empty the next. Sales companies will often have this set-up.


Chill Pill Workplace

This is the kind of office where anything is allowed. There are not many rules but the few rules are implemented to the letter. Often, companies with this kind of vibe, are in the creative industries that put a premium on individuality and idea generation. Instead of cubicles, you will find sofas, lounge chairs, and desks where people work in teams.


The Busy Bee Workplace

Unlike the Chill Pill or the traditional workplace, this office is loud with everyone scurrying around calling clients, setting up meetings, and answering 50 emails per hour. Often, companies with this vibe will be in sales or marketing where there is a daily quota to reach.


The Millennial Workplace

A new workplace set-up, this isn’t much into rules but more on the results. Workplace is relaxed with sofas, lounge chairs, and La-Z-boys. You can come to work in shorts and sneaks and take two-hour long lunches. The boss will not care as long as you deliver when you need to.