Leveling Up: 5 Things to Consider Before Moving In Together

Moving in together seems such a nice idea—has that romantic, “couple-y” feel to it—until couples are faced with the reality of shared expenses, dirty clothes, and unwashed dishes. Hmmm… already having second thoughts? Before you shack up, talk about what it really means to move in together.

So you’ve been together for a few years. You think it’s time to take the next step—Moving in together. But are you really ready to be together 24/7? Believe us, it will not be all roses and honey. Here are a few things to consider before you plunge in ahead.

1. Ask Yourself: Why Are You Doing This?

What are your long-term plans for the relationship? Are you looking to being together for a lifetime or are you just moving in to save money? Talk about it. If one person expects marriage while the other just wants to save, then there will be a disconnect somewhere. Make sure both of you are on the same page. Otherwise, moving together will not bring your closer, only apart.  

2. His Place or Hers?

Decide where you’re going to live. You may move into his place because it’s bigger. Her place might be better since it’s closer to work. Either way, the two of you will have to adjust. You may have to make room for his beat-up La-Z-Boy even if it doesn’t go with your chic furniture. Better yet, start fresh and buy a new apartment. Make sure you both feel at home in your new place.

3. Money Talks

Yes, money talks are soooo unromantic but if you don’t want eventual conflict, do it before you even move in. Will you split the rent and household expenses down the middle? Will the one with the higher salary pay more for the joint expenses like food, rent, and utilities? Save yourself the nightmare of having to discuss every single expense. Agree on it early on.

4. The Couple that Cleans Together Stays Together

Gone are the days where only the men worked while the women kept house. Divvy up domestic chores as early as now to avoid petty fights. You could wash the dishes while he throws the trash or you can both do each, on schedule. Moving in together does not mean you’d get a free housekeeper.

5. The Relationship Will Change

It’s true what they say that you only get to know the person when you live in the same house. What looks sweet and funny a few times a week can be super annoying when done every day of every week. Be prepared to make adjustments and be understanding.