5 Job Productivity Hacks for First Timers

Congratulations on your first job! Before you step into the office, memorize these five tips guaranteed to give you top marks in the year-end performance appraisal

Know your job description. 
Before you even step into the office, know what you can about the company and your work. Memorize your job description and try to know as many things as you can about it. Read up and research. Knowing what you need to do gives you confidence to tackle the challenges ahead. 

Plan your day.   
Always write down your list of to-dos for the day. Doing so will help you organize your work, focus on what needs to be done, and reach your target. 

Take time to rest. 
Working non-stop isn’t good either. Take short breaks to clear your mind, relax, and stretch those muscles. Doing so will help you think more clearly and come up with better ideas. 

Work at one thing at a time.  
Schedule your tasks so you can focus at one thing. Going from one task to another limits your productivity. Prioritize the things that need to be done first and then work on the next task after. Never try to do things simultaneously. You will never finish anything. 

Be your own critic.
Be honest with yourself and be your own critic. Edit your work and try to check for things that you missed out. Haphazard work is not the way to earn the good graces of your boss.