10 #AngUlanParang Hugot Tweets That’ll Make You Say, ‘Awww…’ and ‘Oh no!’

#AngUlanParang puso mo, malamig. (The rain is like… your heart. Cold.) Rain, rain go away. The cold weather brings out heart-wrenching hugot lines that are probably not good for our body or sanity. Here are some of the most memorable.

What is it with the rain that brings out the hugots in all of us? Last year and this year, netizens shared their unique and Awww-inducing hugot lines with the hashtag #AngUlanParang (The rain is like…). Here are 10 of the most memorable comparisons to rain we’ve seen. 

#AngUlanParang… Ikaw. “Nawawala Bumabalik Heto nanaman. 
- @Wahtatung

Like the person who leaves you and then comes back just when you have finally gotten over them. You’re so confused you cannot help but dedicate a song.

#AngUlanParang… puso mo. Malamig. 
- @AnimoHigh

This goes to the person whose heart is as cold as rain and ice. Jacket, please!

#AngUlanParang… maldita mong boss. Panira ng araw 
- simiguelitoVIII

Boom! Umm… we really hope the maldita boss is not one of your followers or you’ll find yourself jobless and left out in the pouring rain. Uh oh. 

#AngUlanParang… Ikaw sa buhay ko. Hulog ng langit 
- @superpoopey

Awww… This goes to everyone—your special someone, your family, your friends,—who have made your life better and brighter.

#AngUlanParang… pagmomove-on. Akala mo tapos na, yun pala di pa. 
- @neoreygel

Dedicated to the ones who cannot seem to move on and let go. Don’t worry. Summer is just around the corner and so is your soulmate!

#AngUlanParang… nanay mo. Yung tipong bihis na bihis ka na, tas di ka naman pala papayagang umalis!
- @imeeMojica

This goes to all moms whose sole aim in life is to ruin our social life. Arggghhh! #TeamBahay na naman! #TeenAngst

#AngUlanParang… clown yan. Nagpapasaya dahil class suspended na. 
- @Mants1998

Admit it. The moment you see it’s raining, all you can think of is class suspension. Enjoy it now. See if you can celebrate when you’re already working.

#AngUlanParang… hangover at pagibig yan. Akala mo pag tulog mo wala na, pero pag gising mo mas malala pala 
- @engrbojoisidro

Cheers to hangover and love! Why do we keep doing it when they will only cause us pain? #walangkatapusanghugot

#AngUlanParang… parang bibig mo. Walang tigil. 
- Eijder Wahtatung

Uh oh. This goes to all nagging wives, husbands, parents, and bosses! We just hope they don’t see this post or else…#WalaTalagangTigil
#AngUlanParang… pagmamahal ko sayo. Pwede mong iwasan pero hindi mo kayang pigilan. 
- @1971ra

We feel you! This is the hugot that people who have suffered from unrequited love will relate to.