Survive Living Solo with these Life Hacks

There are not a few lessons that you can learn from living alone but the responsibility of being self-reliant can be scary. If you’re living solo but can’t seem to get your act together, cheer up and check out these lifehacks to make solo living easier.

by Redi Mendoza, 26 August 2017

Living alone will make you enjoy spending alone time

Living alone can be hard and lonely. But when you learn to live independently, it can also be one of the most rewarding things in your adult life. Moving out and living on your own won’t only make you self-reliant but will also make you learn more about yourself and your life priorities. We‘ve compiled some golden lessons to make you survive this ultimately adulting move.

Cleaning Tools are Your New BFFs

The first thing that you will learn after you move out of home is that the house doesn’t clean itself. It can be hard to clean your own place if you don’t have the right cleaning supplies and tools. Make sure that you have a mop, a broom, paper towels, trash bags, sponges, scrubs, and cleaning agents to make your errands as easy as possible. If the task is easier, it’s more likely that you’ll do it more often to keep your pad clean. We’re not fans of housework either, but there’s always a feeling of satisfaction coming home to place that’s clean and tidy.

Prepare Food Ahead of Time

Cooking for one can be a drag and time consuming. What you can do is prepare your meals ahead of time. You can cook several pieces of grilled chicken and just toss different kinds of veggies and sauces to have variants of it. You can also prepare some tuna salad that you can use as sandwich spread for breakfast and snacks. If you’re too busy to prepare dinner, we suggest leaving some cooked pasta in small re-sealable bags in the freezer and have several bottled sauces like pesto or ragu in your pantry. Just nuke the pasta in the microwave with the sauce when it’s mealtime. It’s even faster than preparing instant ramen.

Get Multi-Purpose Furniture

It’s more likely that your new home is not as roomy as you’re family home. To make more of the little space, have some furniture that are virtually like Swiss army knives. We love the Ikea Frosta stool. (Note: Even if there are no Ikea stores here, you can get its stuff at reasonable prices from several local Ikea importers). This stool is light, durable, stackable, and aesthetically pleasing. It can be used as a guest chair, step stool, or a side table depending on the occasion. If you have a studio apartment, consider having a sofa bed to save on space. Just make sure that it has sufficient back support for your nightly slumber.

Design It for Living

Don’t be afraid to make your home an extension of your personality. Do express yourself on your furnishing and interiors. But keep in mind that designing it should supplement your lifestyle and not alter it. For example, if you don’t like inviting people over, some of the entertaining area can be converted for your hobbies. If you work at home, make sure that there is still some boundary between your rest area and home office space.