How to Stop Procrastinating and Become the Person You Want to be

Chronic procrastination buries opportunities and keeps you from achieving your goals in life. 

By Marife Remo

When you choose to do something else instead of a task that needs to be accomplished now, you are procrastinating. Doing it once may seem undisruptive, but for a person routinely putting off work for another day—it’s a recipe for failure. Why can’t people just stop procrastinating? Just like an addiction, this bad habit is not easy to overcome. Chronic procrastination can be considered a behavioral condition, the causes of which are linked to mental and emotional issues.  

What if your key to becoming the next bestselling author is the unfinished manuscript that’s been lying on your desk for weeks? If you are tired of being a slave to procrastination, get a head start over this bad habit with the following self-help tips: 

Turn off technology when you have to do something. Gadgets such as mobile phones provide a lot of distraction and these can fool you into thinking you can multitask. How many tasks can you truly accomplish if you weren’t periodically checking on your chat groups? The new movie on your favorite streaming app can wait, but paying for your monthly bills can’t. Being offline for a few hours won’t hurt especially if you’ve lived in a time when being online was not all the rage. 

Be Real to Your Passions
If you can’t help but procrastinate at work, maybe you should rethink your career options. Is being a brand manager what you really want to be? Choosing to do one thing over another is clearly a preference. Why should you continue doing something you don’t like? As an adult, you always have the choice to walk away from something that no longer brings you joy. Don’t let procrastination cloud over your ability to think critically.     

Work with Others
Procrastination may like it more when you’re working alone. In the privacy of your own little corner, there is nobody to check on you. Learn to reach out to others then. If you dread checking your bank statement for the account that you share with your husband or wife, let him or her do the task or better yet—do it together. Don’t keep putting it off for another day, until it’s time to pay the bills.  
Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself
Oftentimes, people who are perfectionists are the ones who procrastinate more. If they can’t do things right the first time, that task is set aside until the “mood” comes back. You can’t always wait for the right time to finish your layouts for big clients who have absurd deadlines. Why not try to actually do something when you don’t feel like doing anything and see what comes of it? It doesn’t matter if it’s rubbish. What’s important is that you continue what you’ve started and hopefully, improve. 

Unlearning how to procrastinate is essentially learning a new habit that’s good for you. If you look at it this way, kicking the bad habit is rather easy. Without anything hindering your growth as a person, you can now start a new journey chasing your true passions in life. 

Marife is a freelance writer/copywriter specializing in advertising and marketing. But really, just tell her what you need and she’ll try her very best to come up with something interesting. She is a mom and wife 24/7, a Netflix junkie, meme lover, and a cat person who does not own a cat.