5 Maximizing Hacks You Should Know

Make your life easier with these maximizing hacks

By Kaydee dela Buena

5 Maximizing Hacks You Should Know
Get more bang for your buck!

The world wide web is, indeed, so wide, and within it is a wealth of knowledge and numerous tools that you can use to make your life easier and better! Learn these 5 amazing maximizing hacks and use them to your benefit.


1. Use Cashback apps for shopping perks

If you’re an avid online shopper, you’ve probably developed your own strategy for getting more bang for your buck. Now, you can gain even more rewards when you spend online by using cashback apps. With cashback, you literally get “cash back,” which is a percentage of the paid amount of the purchase.


2. Shop according to season

If you’re a seasoned shopper you know that deals are everything. Especially when it comes to electronics, wait for the quarterly sales to score better valued items.

In addition, you can switch to online shopping even for your groceries. It’s been reported that customers spend more wisely when shopping online as they buy only what they need and avoid the distraction of “aisle shopping.”

Thanks to digital innovation and integration, paying for these is made easier and more secure, too.


3. Digital bank accounts with better interest rates

The pennies add up especially when your bank charges you for every transaction. While it is important that you have your primary accounts set in trusted institutions, you can save on transaction fees with other smaller – yet equally reputable – digital banks that do not charge hefty prices for these transfers. Some of them even offer impressive interest rates for your savings accounts – up to 4% per annum- for first-time clients.


4. Credit cards with perks

Credit card interest can definitely set you back if you’re not carefully. But these are tools that you can use to your benefit. When used wisely, they are convenient to have.

To avoid falling into debt, try negotiating with your credit card company for a reduced rate or a more flexible payoff plan. You can also transfer your balance to an interest-free credit card.

If you want to maximize your credit card, use one that – much like cashback apps – can help you earn more rewards and perks from your every transaction. Shop, save, and maximize smartly.


5. Life insurance with investment benefits

Get more out of your life insurance plan with FWD Set for Life. This VUL (variable unit-linked) plan provides lifetime insurance protection and investment benefits. This means that not only are you protecting your loved ones’ future, in case the worst happens to you, you’re also potentially building your wealth, thanks to expert fund managers investing your money for you!

On top of that, you can also supercharge your FWD Set for Life for additional coverage for critical illness, hospitalization, accidental death protection, and waiver of premium, which pays your premiums for you to keep your insured loved one protected even after you’re gone.


These maximizing hacks are worth the consideration especially if you’re looking for greater savings and bigger value in the long run. Tell us more hacks you’ve tried.