5 Local Personal Finance Blogs to Improve Your Spending Habits

Struggling to keep your personal finances balanced? Need a push in the right direction? Read these nifty blogs and get back on track!

by Sam Bautista, 24 November 2017

A lot of us spend our hard-earned cash as soon as we have it and only save when we know huge expenses are coming up—for example, weddings, holidays, or to pay off car and property mortgages. Most of the time, we have very little left over in our personal savings account and wonder where all our money has gone. Here are five local finance blogs that you’ll want to read if you want to learn how to rein in your spending habits and become a savvy saver.

Millionaire Acts (www.millionaireacts.com)
A blog that chronicles the author’s journey to financial freedom, the author writes about everything from entrepreneurship to tips on saving money while indulging on some online shopping. According to the blog, it doesn’t take much to earn your first million. Expect lots of interesting info in this Millennial blog!

Life and Personal Finance (www.randelltiongson.com)
This blog dishes out the best advice with regards to handling your pesos. Its no-nonsense approach to finance is perfect for people looking for advice grounded on expert advice from people with years of experience. Expect nuggets of financial wisdom from this blog to get you to start managing your money better!

Money Girl PH (www.moneygirlphilippines.com)
This is a fun blog site that offers weekly money tips and regular posts that talk about why women need to start saving more, or why we need to stop living paycheck to paycheck. Open and browse while you are stuck in traffic or waiting for friends at a café. The articles are light and entertaining while being informative. The extra minutes reading up on your money situation, or lack thereof, will make you sit up and finally take control of your finances.

Pesos and Sense (pesosandsense.com)
Investments made easy—the site’s tagline entices those who are intimidated by anything financial. The page is divided into rows of services offered—from seminars, videos, and a regular blog—and what you can learn from them. 
Pesos and Sense has gained quite a following over the years. It has been written about in national newspapers, has a YouTube site that gives financial advice, and updates articles on a regular basis. This site is definitely something worth checking out.

Financial Planning Philippines (www.financialplanningph.com)
Financial Planning Philippines is full of finance tips, news on the money market, and personal anecdotes on investing in the country. The site advocates for financial awareness to all Filipinos, regardless of income or social standing, thus making this blog perfect for beginners who want to learn about financial planning and personal income growth!