How to Be Rich Po? 5 Changes You Can Adopt

Do you often daydream about how your life would change, if you became rich? But if you really want to make it big in the world, you have to make a few adjustments to your lifestyle. From saving to learning from mentors, here are some ways to get the lifestyle you want.

by Marella Castro, 6 July 2017

Think of the simple ways you can save and earn.

Get-rich-quick schemes never work. Fast money vanishes as soon as it comes because you don’t have the money sense you’d otherwise get from working hard for it. Most of the time, the most successful people you’ll meet worked hard and developed themselves into money-making and saving individuals. If you want to be rich, start working on yourself and adopt these five lifestyle changes.

1. Know Where Your Money Goes 
Track your expenses! Don’t underestimate grocery excesses, late payment fees, even slight errors on monthly bills. These can add up to a fortune if you’re not careful. Have a shopping list, weigh options, and pre-compute cart items before paying at the counter. There’s no shame in buying second-hand as long as it’s in good condition. Do the math to find the best value.

2. Look Beyond Your Paycheck
A day job does not a millionaire make. The same goes for penny-pinching. You can’t save more, if you’re not earning more. Brainstorm ways to help other people with your current skills and interests for a new sideline! Look for other streams of income that will keep you earning. Investments can actually help you with this. And it’s important to protect yourself as well. FWD Life’s VUL products protects you with life insurance and could possibly help you make some money while you work. 

3. Stop Spending to Boost Your Self-Esteem

The rich stay that way because they are good at keeping money, not wasting it. Instant gratification can leave you feeling worse because the high you get from impulsive shopping will soon turn into buyer’s remorse. It’s important that you are able to conquer your feelings because it is when we are emotional that we make bad financial decisions. 

4. Hang Out With Your Heroes
Seek out motivated people and allow them to broaden your perspective. These may be people whose work ethic you admire, or who have already accomplished a lot and are already where you want to be. Tap into how they think, and what they do differently that has made them successful. Not only can you build valuable relationships, just being around them will create positive energy that can help you move up in life. 

5. Lose the Complacence

Nobody gets rich by staying in their comfort zone. Keep pushing yourself to be better. Face adversity with gratitude, rather than fear, because you can only improve through hardship. Instead of allowing the fear of failure to hold you back, embrace it and learn from it. 

When you can earn and save beyond your basic needs, that’s the time you can start building wealth.